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Which kitten/puppy food?

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JodieO Fri 21-Aug-09 11:09:17

So far the kittens have been on burns dry and whiskars wet and the puppy on James wellbeloved. Running out of those and wondered what would be good foods?

The puppy does not like this food (she was started on it in the shelter but shared with litter mates), often leaves lots so we've been giving extra chicken, rice etc but not keen on continueing this. Any suggestions?

What about wet kitten food? Burns dry is hard to get hold of here so would be nice to change it to a different one.

JodieO Fri 21-Aug-09 11:09:50

Oh also read some bad reviews of Burns which has had us wondering about using it.

doggiesayswoof Fri 21-Aug-09 14:23:03

No kittens, but I give my puppy royal canin.

We got some free James Wellbeloved a while back (fish flavour) and she didn't like it much either.

When we first had her she was on Eukanuba but that seemed to make her poos quite soft.

ClaireDeLoon Fri 21-Aug-09 14:27:41

I give my cats James Wellbeloved dry food. Or Royal Canin - either are good. I did have burns once and they weren't keen. As for wet food if I could start again they'd be on dry food only - they're so wasteful with wet food. However all mine prefer felix to whiskas.

No idea about puppies, sorry

MoominMymbleandMy Fri 21-Aug-09 14:29:54

No idea about puppies, but our kittens were fed on Hills Science Plan food and seem to have thrived.

Joolsiam Fri 21-Aug-09 14:40:57

For kittens, Applaws (known as Encore in the supermarkets) is very good but quite pricey.

The Sheba chicken and turkey foil tray is good (orange top) as it is cut up into quite tiny chunks - I had a Siamese kitten a few years ago that was raised on it by the breeder.

The little tins of Gourmet are good aswell - some are pate style and some are very small chunks, ideal for babies.

All my cats love Felix, and you can get some really really good deals on Felix As Good as it Looks in Pets at Home if you buy 2 packs of 48 pouches. It has a slightly better meat content that bog standard whiskas - the list of ingredients on that makes me shudder - only 4% meat usually

For biccies - another vote here for Royal Canin kitten biccies

It is sometimes just as cheap (and very good for them) to buy a family pack of frozen chicken breasts and poach one every so often

JodieO Fri 21-Aug-09 16:07:09

Thanks, think I'll give royal canin a go then.

cheesesarnie Fri 21-Aug-09 16:08:57

we used felix pouches.less messy and they seemed to love it.

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