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Any ideas on how to stop my Cat getting on the roof?

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daisychainXX Wed 19-Aug-09 21:22:49

Has any one got any ideas on how I could stop my 2 cats from jumping on the roof....?

I have lived in my flat for 18months with my 2 cats and untill now they have been quite happy in the flat and sitting out on the balcony but last week they started jumping on the roof.
The flats are only two high and we are on the top row of flats, they have no reason nor do they have any insterest in jumping down so normaly I would say they are just being cats however the lady two flats across does not like cats at all and I dont want then anoying her. so has any one got any ideas on how I could stop them getting up.

mckenzie Thu 20-Aug-09 19:47:57

we bought a sensor type device from a garden centre that was designed to stop cats going into fish ponds and put that on our roof. When the cat comes within it's range it emits a noise, silent to us, that is uncomfortable for the cat. It worked perfectly until our cat got older and deaf smile. I think it was quite expensive though, about £50. And depending on how much area you need to cover you might need two.

daisychainXX Fri 21-Aug-09 09:14:17

Thanks great idea, I had no idea were to start I have had a cats for years and a simple water spay has always worked to stop them but care of son and the water spay that doesnt work any more.
Thank you very much I will pop to the shops later and see how much one will be.

Polgara2 Fri 21-Aug-09 09:27:34

Oh that's a good idea! Our cat got onto the garage roof last night and dopey thing couldn't get down - dh had to get the ladders out and rescue her. <sigh> she is only 10 months maybe she will get better at this climbing down lark - <hopeful emoticon>

edam Fri 21-Aug-09 09:42:58

sensor seems worth a try. Otherwise irritating lady will just have to put up with it - we share this planet with other species and cats cannot be trained, nor do they recognise the concept of private property!

Polgara, when I was a kid our young cat climbed a very, very tall silver birch at our caravan and had no idea how to get down. Her mother ran up and down the tree repeatedly to demonstrate but youngster just clung on at the top, wailing.

All the Dads on the caravan site turned very manly, had a big conflab about what to do and exactly what the best ladder arrangement would be. My father was selected for what was clearly the honour of climbing up, seeing as it was his cat - got within grabbing distance whereupon the youngster suddenly realised she did know how to climb down after all and fled! grin

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