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Inspired by the cat cost thread, if you have a dog how much does it cost to keep?

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SammyK Tue 18-Aug-09 16:35:33

As I really want one. grin (But am sensible enough to know I should be prepared if I do decide to go for it and get one.)

It would help if you told me what size dog you have and what you pay for eg grooming/vets/food/etc as obviously some people will only be buying food, others more.

Thanks. smile

AstronomyDomine Wed 19-Aug-09 16:27:14

We have a 3-year old Staff bitch (quite big for a female, average weight is 15kg, our little mutt's 19.8kg - and no, she's not at all fat!!) who needs no grooming as such, but we bought a brush for about £3 should we need it (she runs away whenever she sees it grin)

Initial vets consultation (when we brought her home from Dogs Trust) was £20; tablets she needed after her spay operation were about £7; a recent consulation (she has a bit of a skin problem at the moment) was only £17 (not sure why it was cheaper than the first one); tablets (prescriptions) are around £7 I think.

3-monthly Drontal (worm tablets) cost around £7.

Frontline (flea drop pipettes) - go to for these. Pets At Home (and chemists etc) have 3 pipettes (monthly for 3 months) for around £31; medicaid have 12 pipettes (genuine Frontline), delivered, for just over £40! Bargain - and you don't need prescriptions to get these any more.
The Drontal tablets on medicaid are £4 each - so not cheaper.

Food - she has Pedigree with mixer; 12 x 400g tins (she has one a day, split between two meals - half the can mixed with a good scoop of mixer for each meal) works out around 42p per day, plus the mixer - huge 9kg bag for around £12 which lasts about 6 weeks... can't work that one out but it's not that expensive grin
She also has Dentistix - one a day - to help with dental hygiene (my niece commented on how white her teeth are and how not-so-stinky her breath is... and she's got 2 Staffs too so it was good comparison IYKWIM). You get a box (depending on weight of dog) with 8 packets of 7 - so 8 weeks worth for just over a tenner; I think that works out to be about 17p each. So for food and Dentistix it's less than £1 a day.

Insurance £9 per month (£60 excess).

You should also consider the cost of dog-baskets, indoor kennels (we have one for bedtime) but they're not essential, toys etc

Exercise is free - long walks and, if our dog's anything to go by, sticks are much preferred to expensive toys!! hmm grin

AstronomyDomine Wed 19-Aug-09 16:29:12

... and food and water bowls too.

GrimmaTheNome Wed 19-Aug-09 16:34:14

Also factor in whether you'll have to pay for boarding/petsitting if you go on holiday (that costs us more than I'd like to admit to, now granny is too old to look after ours)

We do get free dental care thanks to local butchers giving away lovely raw beef bones!

AstronomyDomine Wed 19-Aug-09 16:43:14

I must get to our butchers - I got a bone from Morrison's instore butcher the other month and the tight-ar5e charged me for it. Not much (only 30p), but what was he going to do with it?? Probably just bin it.

Good point Grimma about boarding costs. We never go anywhere so I hadn't thought about that one.

nouveaupauvre Thu 20-Aug-09 23:50:56

and i would factor in general destruction costs, depending on breed. we had to have half the house replastered after lab puppy took to chewing walls shock
on the plus side he is a burglar deterrent and source of free exercise.

AstronomyDomine Tue 25-Aug-09 10:48:44

I think the destruction side is more prevalent to puppies - our Staff hasn't damaged anything. Seriously.

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