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positive thoughts please

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PaulaMummyKnowsBest Tue 18-Aug-09 15:12:02

my cat is 2 years old and has 4 kittens who are now nearly 7 weeks old.

She started to be really sick on Sunday so I took her to the vets yesterday. She was eating fine and using her litter tray fine so they gave me some anti sickness medicine and told me to keep her apart from the kittens (to give her a rest).

We got home and she had some food (and her medicine) and slept. She was sick all night and hasn't eaten or had anything to drink since yesterday. Her faeces are also now very watery sad

She came down this morning and spat at her tiny babies and is still being sick. I have taken her back to the vet and they are keeping her in as they don't know what is wrong with her.

Does anyone know what the problem might be?

The kittens are all fine - no sickness there. They are all eating and drinking normally and using their litter tray fine.

My cat hasn't been out in nearly 7 weeks so she hasn't eaten anything she shouldn't have done.

cornsillk Tue 18-Aug-09 15:15:21

Poor thing sad - sending positive vibes..

Curiousmama Tue 18-Aug-09 15:16:50

Healing thoughts from me sad

PaulaMummyKnowsBest Tue 18-Aug-09 16:30:13

i just called the vets and they are keeping her in overnight on a drip.

Her bloods have all come back fine so they don't know what is making her so ill either

I feel so helpless

cornsillk Tue 18-Aug-09 16:36:16

She's in the best place. Hopefully it's nothing too serious.

Wigglesworth Tue 18-Aug-09 16:44:43

Try not to worry too much, she is very young and presumably she was fit and healthy before the sickness started. If she is on a drip that will rehydrate her and flush her out. I hope she is OK, sending you and your kitties positive thoughts.

PaulaMummyKnowsBest Wed 19-Aug-09 15:48:57

she has to stay another night as she is still not eating and is still being sick.

I went in for a cuddle and she looks so lonely sad

They still don't know why she is ill either

Curiousmama Thu 20-Aug-09 14:10:02

Oh no sad Hope she'll be ok x

PaulaMummyKnowsBest Thu 20-Aug-09 15:10:18

woo hoo

I have her home again. She has given her babies a kiss and is eating again. I am so happy to have her home.

She hasn't been sick for nearly 30 hours so it is all looking good. The vet still doesn't know why she was so ill though which is a little bit worrying.

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