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Cat Insurance = advice needed please!

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andlipsticktoo Mon 17-Aug-09 22:57:37

We pick up our kitten on saturday, and have started to look at insurance for him.

I went to and looked at their various suggestions, but I'm so confused! What sort of monthly premiums should I expect to pay? And should I expect to have to pay an excess fee of around £70 for every single claim? It seems a lot to me.

Any good tips?


beautifulgirls Tue 18-Aug-09 11:03:52

Best tip make sure you get cover for life - ie if your cat gets an ongoing condition (eg becomes diabetic) then they will not put a time or money limit on the condition and then refuse to cover it after that. You will find that you have to pay a bit more usually for these types of policy but are well worth the extra.
£70 excess is about standard - do check though as some policies also make you pay and fixed excess and a % of the total bill too.

andlipsticktoo Tue 18-Aug-09 13:37:28

Thanks for responding!

I can't seem to find any insurances without a time or money limit on individual conditions!

It all seems to be a bit of a mine-field and I don't want to get ripped off.

beautifulgirls Tue 18-Aug-09 13:39:14

Take a look at Petplan

andlipsticktoo Wed 19-Aug-09 17:18:33

Yep Petplan it is I think! Thanks.

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