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you know my two cats i rescued yesterday, the ones that seem poorly treated, well i think one has a bad leg too

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juicychops Mon 17-Aug-09 18:38:22

have another thread that i started yesterday. rescued two 10mth old brothers (cats!)from a woman who didn't want them anymore. she said they hadn't had any attention so were not lap cats. they have been living outside since very young despite not having injections.

ive treated them for fleas, they are very skinny and dirty looking and look like strays to be honest, and one in particular is extremely nervous

now it looks as though one of them has a dodgy back leg. he doesn't limp on it all the time, but when he stretches his back legs out, he sort of shakes his 'bad' leg and limps for a couple of seconds before putting his weight back on it.

are these poor pussys gunna start costing me lots of money? they are so cute and they are my responsibility now so i will never get rid of them but im pissed off at the woman for letting them get like this

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