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Two female baby guinea pigs Question about vaccinations.. do they have them .. can't find anything in my everything to know about GP'S

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Sagacious Mon 17-Aug-09 09:21:29

They're 9 weeks old ( and my PFBS and very cute)

I've only ever had cats and dogs before so was assuming they'd need injections for ummm guinea pig flu (or summat)

But theres nothing in the bloody book

Plus they've got a water bottle bottle and don't seem to have used it.. do they drink a lot ?(its hardly gone down in two days and I'm getting paranoid as a heatwave is due)

I've given them extra cucumber for extra fluid

TIA from Mr Chew (yy I know its a male name but my 7 year old ds was in charge of naming him) and Crunchie

Oh god I'll be talking about poo next

GrinnyPig Mon 17-Aug-09 09:36:17

We have two female guinea pigs who are also very cute... Ours have never had vaccinations, so unless they had some done by the pet shop then they don't need them. We took them to the vet when we bought them (included in the price by the pet shop)and they had a look at them, confirmed they were female and declared them healthy looking. The one thing that you do need to do for piggies is trim their nails, which I do find very difficult. The vet will do them (free of charge in the case of this particular vet) but our piggies hate the car journey so I just put on a brave face and do them myself. I did worry when we got ours that they weren't drinking their water and DH kept insiting the water bottle was too difficult for them to use so for the first couple of weeks we put a little bowl of water in as well as their bottle. I suspect they just don't drink very much when they are very small. Ours are now enormous and have no trouble with the water bottle!

Sagacious Mon 17-Aug-09 10:05:13

Thanks GP

They've got a big run on the grass (I'm planning to put them out in the morning for there cuddle and exercise) and I've put a water bowl and veggies in that.

Is is bad that I've got a routing planned for them when for my dc's I did nothing?

I've been considering a tick chart

(crunchie had a wee on her cardboard tube this morning I was inordinatly proud)

Sagacious Mon 17-Aug-09 10:06:05

God I must have baby brain my speeling has gone to pot.


Sagacious Mon 17-Aug-09 10:06:47

speeling FFS


weegiemum Mon 17-Aug-09 10:09:15

Naw they don't need vaccinations, unless they get mange (ours did once) which needs 2 jags per piggy.

Baby GPs are cute and no, they don't drink much if they are eating a load of veggies.

sandcastles Mon 17-Aug-09 11:07:39

They will drink what they need, no need to worry about it. Just make sure they have fresh water & food everyday.

We change the water everyday, especially during hot weather.

They are lovely pets & we have had many...very low maintenance. Have you scrunched a plastic bag near them yet...I love how they squeak when they think it is dinner time!

maize Mon 17-Aug-09 11:20:35

No to vaccinations.

Aren't guinea pigs fabulous!!

Mine go through phases of drinking loads and then phases of nothing.

Some breeders recommend two water bottles in case one of them is very dominant (might be more for males though?)

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