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What should we be teaching our 8 week old puppy?

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puppynovice Mon 17-Aug-09 08:33:09

Picked him up last weekend, he's lovely.

Have been taking him outside to go to the toilet and he's doing very well. He goes to bed around 10.30, we get up to let him out about 3 and this morning he was calling about 6 to get up.

He is trying to play bite the children quite a bit and we get them to stand up and ignore him when he does this but then he carries on chewing feet or trouser legs. Should we be doing anything to stop this or is he too young to learn still?

beautifulgirls Mon 17-Aug-09 21:14:53

Find a toy for him that he likes and whenever the inappropriate behaviour starts then a firm voice "NO" to him, remove him gently from the leg/trousers etc, but then distract him from the bad behaviour and start a good appropriate behaviour with him and give him praise for that instead. Dogs love to please and if he sees that it makes you happy to play with a toy with him, he'll start to want that behaviour more.

cajerz Tue 18-Aug-09 09:12:49

Thanks, will try that. He seems to be getting the hang of it with me, just gets too excited when he sees the children I think

CHW Thu 20-Aug-09 10:37:24

Whoever is being playbitten needs to yelp loudly and nurse the area he has 'bitten.' This will teach the puppy not to 'bite' like he would with his litter-mates - at the moment he is playing with the children like he would with them and is why he is getting so excited. This worked very well with our border collie, and collies are notoriously nippy.
Anything else you want to know - just ask! And good luck

cbellesmum Thu 20-Aug-09 21:40:01

we have a 8 week old border terrier who is a right ole nipper - have yet to stop her from nipping my DD tried all that has been suggested.

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