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Can i ask a question about Cats having kittens?

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TitsalinaBumsquash Fri 14-Aug-09 19:31:37

I have a Kitten, she hs gorgeous unusal markings and a lovely nature. My friends has approached me and asked if i would consider mating my Kitten with her Kitten when they were both older, she is in love with her Kitten and would like the offspring of any Kittens he should father, my sisters have also said they would love a Kitten mothered by my Kitten.

Obviously we are talking when they are both alot older, my Kitten is an indoor girl so she wont be coming into contact with any other Toms.
Both Kittens have been vaccinated and are very well looked after, my girl is registered with a great Vet and he has said he would be happy to advise us if she were to have Kittens.

I hope i don't get falmed as i know the general feelings are to spay Cats asap to stop the booming unwanted Cat population and i agree but in this case im leaning towards going ahead as it would be very closley controlled and i know my girl would be looked after well at all times.

Any Kittens she produced wouldn't be sold they would be given to homes i know were ideal and i would see them reguarly.

My question is this, i got told that a female Cat in heat will mate with many different Toms and have a kitten by each in the same litter, is this true? Does this mean if i were to mate her with my friends Cat she would only have one Kitten or have i been led to belive a load of bull?

Obviously you can tell im not at all experienced in this and would research it well but thought i would ask you guys if you had any idea?


beautifulgirls Fri 14-Aug-09 21:46:16

The number of kittens is not determined by the number of males that she mates, but by the number of eggs she releases. In theory a litter can have more than one father to it as multiple matings can happen and whichever sperm win the race get to father the kittens, so could be a mix of sperm that win. In practice cats are unlikely to have a particularly big window of time for subsequent matings once they first mate as they are induced ovulators (ie need to mate to release the eggs) and once they ovulate they come out of season withing a short period of time.
So - if you mated just to one male and kept her in, you could be sure of parentage and the number of kittens would not be affected either way.

Think hard about this - there are 1000s of kittens and cats who need homes. I hear that she will be well treated etc, but if your friends and family want kittens wouldn't they consider getting one such unwanted kitten instead. There are plenty of beautiful cats out there.
Also whilst things are more than likely going to be just fine if she does breed, just consider if it were to go wrong - c/sections will not come cheap (not covered by insurance either usually) and hand rearing kittens is a lot of work. It will probably not come to that, but please think it through before make a decision.

UndertheBoredwalk Fri 14-Aug-09 21:55:41

Second everything beautiful said.
Really do think long and hard about going ahead, there is no way of knowing if things can go wrong and aside from the huge potential vet expense it can cause lots of heartache.
My last cat that had a litter, had lots of difficulties giving birth, we got her to a vet but too late and we lost her sad
I was left with three tiny newborn kittens to handrear, imagine having a newborn and multiply it by ten for each kitten - seriously it's hard work!
We now have a pedigree girl, she's beautiful and we could potentially make a fair bit of money from kittens, but I had her neutered as soon as she was old enough.
I'm never going through that again!

TitsalinaBumsquash Fri 14-Aug-09 23:33:29

Thanks for the advice.

Were going to leave it for a while, she is still only 4 months old anyway! Will have a think about it later in the year.

UndertheBoredwalk - sorry to hear about your Cat. sad

madusa Sat 15-Aug-09 12:07:30

I wanted to have a litter of kittens and my cat got pregnant and produced two stunning kittens which we kept.

She managed to get out before we could get her spayed and now have another litter of kittens but can't keep them all sad

My SIL is taking some of them which is great but we are now having to make sure that the mum doesn't escape again. She is so miserable being kept in.

I would strongly advise you to get your kitten spayed as it is nicer for her in the long run.

Naetha Sat 15-Aug-09 12:17:29

There's so many unwanted kittens in this country, it seems such a shame to make more. If your friend wants more kittens, could you not go to a rescue centre? I'm sure there's literally hundreds of kittens that would make her heart melt.

You could probably also pick up a form for free or discounted neutering for both of your cats.

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