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Help with new puppy mouthing please and barking at kittens!

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JodieO Fri 14-Aug-09 18:25:55

We've only had her a week now and although she's settling in nicely she keeps mouthing/nipping and it hurts! She's also just started barking at the kittens and trying to "play" with them but she's nipping one, the one kitten doesn't mind her at all and just sits there but I don't want her to hurt him. The other kitten hisses at her but is otherwise happy.

The dc's are at their dad's this week but I really don't want her nipping them (they're 7, 5 and 2) but I'm not sure what to do. I've tried giving her toys to chew instead which works briefly but she gets so worked up sometimes that she won't stop.

I know she's just playing but it's not acceptable, I have lots of scratches and dp got nipped and bled earlier. She's a lovely puppy though and so friendly just very eager. What can we do?

JodieO Fri 14-Aug-09 19:08:25

Forgot to say, we rehomed her from the rspca btw.

fruitshootsandheaves Fri 14-Aug-09 19:12:16

shout "OW" loudly and then completely ignore pup for 5 minutes. You may have to stand up or turn your back to do this.


Marne Fri 14-Aug-09 19:16:50

Try what fruitshoot said, we did this with our pup but it didn't work grin, i think it depends on the breed, the only thing that worked with ours is removing her from the room. She's a year old know and will still try and mouth but she does it gently. She doesn't mouth at the children.

JodieO Fri 14-Aug-09 19:17:28

I have done ow as it's actually hurt quite a bit, this hasn't stopped her though, she's just carried on with the mouthing and if I try to walk away she grabs onto trousers or jumps up nipping at legs. Thanks

fruitshootsandheaves Fri 14-Aug-09 19:20:54

or...try spraying her with water if she jumps up or nips.

I used to hold my puppy down flat on the floor for a few seconds if he did this but it is a bit harsh for some puppies.

JodieO Fri 14-Aug-09 19:33:16

Could try that, haven't tried water. Not sure about holding her down, she's so sweet and I can tell she's only playing. Her little tail is wagging and she's so excited.

doggiesayswoof Fri 14-Aug-09 20:12:08

I wouldn't hold a puppy down tbh

If you are consistent - i.e. the game always stops and pup gets left alone or put out of the room - then it should stop. Doesn't happen overnight. We had weeks of mouthing and nipping with our pup, she is 4 months now and hardly ever uses teeth.

We had to watch her like a hawk with DC and she is never unsupervised with them. DD has been nipped a few times despite our best efforts

When she does nip now it's usually a mistake, she means to bite the toy and gets a hand instead

The "ow" thing works with some dogs but didn't work with ours - she just got more excited. Depends on breed and temperament. e.g. terriers sometimes just get more hyper if you shout or yelp.

Not sure about barking at kittens - no experience there!

doggiesayswoof Fri 14-Aug-09 20:15:15

Oh yes and I started off with ignoring and turning my back on pup. She carried on jumping up, biting ankles and swinging from trouser legs. So the only thing that worked was to leave the room completely or put her in the kitchen (with baby gate).

JodieO Fri 14-Aug-09 20:44:22

Thanks, that's reassuring to know! Will keep at it and try what you said, hopefully it'll work. She's a staffy x shar pei.

doggiesayswoof Sat 15-Aug-09 07:52:15

Sounds gorgeous! good luck with it x

Marne Sat 15-Aug-09 15:15:38

Mines a Staffy too, i'm finding training her hard work as she's so full of beans, Staff's arn't the brightest of dogs.

Totallyfloaty35 Sat 15-Aug-09 19:13:46

We had a Shar-pei,she was very tempermental and was still trying to bite people sometimes even when she was oldsad with my Chihuahuas we used to say OW and ignore and also hold a treat in closed fist an they only got it when no teeth were used,licking was ok and sitting quietly waiting etc,it worked but its hard to describe method,sorry im a bit rubbish with the adviceblush

JodieO Sun 16-Aug-09 15:43:46

She seems to be improving now, we've been giving her toys to chew as soon as she gets nippy and also ignored/treated. Will see how it goes but she seems very clever and has picked things up already.

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