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Kitten from a rescue centre - what is the protocol with payment?!

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mrscraig Fri 14-Aug-09 09:57:37

Have just had a conversation with the local cat rescue centre and am having a inspector come and visit in a few days (eeeeek - very scary man on phone hope he is little less so in person!)
Didnt mention money as thought he might think me gauche, anyway was wondering how it works - do you make a donation or do they charge you? Thanks

mrscraig Fri 14-Aug-09 09:58:53

wondered what other peoples experiences of getting a kitten form a rescue centre. Have not owned a cat before so a little curious!

LaurieFairyCake Fri 14-Aug-09 10:00:39

It costs about 60-80 pounds as they usually come with their first jabs.

Get insurance while he is young (approx £7 a month) - it has saved us a fortune.

And budget £40 ish a year for jab updates and flea/tick/worming treatment.

barbie1 Fri 14-Aug-09 10:00:58

a friend got her kitten from a rescue centre, she didnt have to pay for it per se but did have to pay for all the injections and medical checks before it was handed over to her. It was much though, the money they make they put back into help the other animals....

barbie1 Fri 14-Aug-09 10:01:32

wasnt much blush

Smurfgirl Fri 14-Aug-09 10:01:39

If its RSPCA there is a set charge, around £80 I think?

tatt Fri 14-Aug-09 10:05:49

depends on the rescue centre. RSPCA it's a set charge. Cat Protection League just tried to sell us raffle tickets for their prize draw but we gave them a donation anyway.

Agree about the insurance.

mrscraig Fri 14-Aug-09 10:08:18

Thanks - will pluck up courage to ask on visit!!

somewhathorrified Fri 14-Aug-09 10:22:58

completely depends on the centre...they call it a donation, but it's not optional, the price is dependant on what they have already done...Jabs, spayed, etc, etc.

madusa Fri 14-Aug-09 13:08:22

RSPCA charges are dependant on the age of the kitten aswell. The really little ones used to be £105. Ours was £95 (3 years ago)and she was 6 months old but was already spayed and micro chipped which obviously saved us money in the long run.

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