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My puppy chews slugs!!!!!!!!!!!

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hav3plus3 Thu 13-Aug-09 13:21:04

The very thought sends shivers down my spine!!! My new little puppy (a black lab 8 wk old) hunts for slugs and chews them. So far I've managed to get them out of her mouth (with me wretching, might I add) but am worried that one day she's gonna eat one!!!! shock
I've also found out that this can cause lungworm or heartworm and can be fatal.
Anyone else come across this and what did you do to help stop it (bearing in mind slug pellets are not a logical idea!)
Suggestions VERY welcome... hmm

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 13-Aug-09 13:39:35

we had this problem

well slugs eating mb prized home grown veggies

not dog eating slugs

he prefers to eat pooey nanppys shock

we use this safe for children and pets

mum2seb Thu 13-Aug-09 15:01:13

Yuck!! My Lakeland Terrier does exactly the same thing - it makes my skin crawl when he's crunching through a snail! I didn't realise they were so dangerous to them - oh god, does that mean I'm going to have to TOUCH them and get them out of his mouth?!! NOOOOOOOO!

minimu Thu 13-Aug-09 16:30:29

You are right they can cause lung worm so best to try to get the pup to stop eating the slugs. Much eaiser said than done. They do ususally grow out of it though. Don't let the pup in the area without supervision and have you got a kong toy? You can fill them with food and the pup will be amused for hours (well maybe half an hour!) chewing on that and hopefuly forget about the slugs.

Also even the slug pellets that say are safe for animals are not so do not be tempted to put them down. People have put beer down for the slugs but you will probably find that the pup gets there first so probably not a great idea!!
What have you called you new pup?

beautifulgirls Thu 13-Aug-09 16:47:02

Please ask your vet to prescribe Advocate for him - lungworm can be passed on from slugs and snails and can cause severe disease problems to your dog - not just coughing, but severe cases can cause bleeding disorders too. Advocate is a spot on treatment for fleas and worms that you put on the neck monthly and will get rid of any lungworm and help continue in the prevention of a clinical condition. There are other wormers (tablets/granules etc) that will also treat, but you need to be very specific which you use and dose rates/frequency of use are not the same for these as the standard dose rates for routine worming, so advocate is probably one of the easiest effective ways to ensure pup stays healthy.

Slug bait - not a good idea no. Have seen too many poisonings from eating this sad May be other options for slug control springs to mind but it may be an old wives tale too. Perhaps you can google that one? Drunk puppy also springs to mind grin !!!!!!

Bella21 Thu 13-Aug-09 17:17:38

Copper tape works for slugs (sold at garden centres) wink

hav3plus3 Thu 13-Aug-09 20:57:40

She is constantly supervised as she wants to eat everything... the problem is at night when the security light dips and she's out of view, only to come back on again with her movement and there she is, lip-smacking away!!!!
Yes, Advocate is what I've worked out from research that's the best. Even though she was only wormed last week, the standard worming treatment has no effect on lungworm/heartworm.
I didn't even know about the dangers until a friend pointed them out and I've had a dog for the last 14 years!!! There was me thinking I was an experienced dog owner blush. Anyway, apparently it's a new thing over here and not that common unless you live in certain parts of the country, but it is becoming more widespread.
Oh... and I've also heard they can catch the same diseases from eating FROGS!!

hav3plus3 Tue 25-Aug-09 17:14:11

A visit to the vets today for her second injections and I told the vet that she's actually eating them now. She suggested following her around with titbits and giving her one very time she goes for a slug. She did mention about lungworm but wasn't that bothered. Will have to see what happens later... as it's rained most of the day, there should be plenty in the garden!!!

legoprincess Tue 25-Aug-09 18:21:48

I just want to second what beautifulgirls said about Advocate. Whereabouts in the country are you? As your vet didn't seem too bothered I'm guessing they haven't yet seen any cases of lungworm, but I have and it is horrible! In my opinion, you are taking a significant risk by not using Advocate - you don't want your puppy to be the case that alerts your vet to the presence of lungworm in your area. Please get some Advocate ASAP.

madusa Tue 25-Aug-09 20:46:34

panacur paste also sorts out lungworm

hercules1 Tue 25-Aug-09 20:49:37

Please get some advocate. We nearly lost one of ours to lung worm recently. It is a really, really nasty painful thing and pain killer couldnt be given as it would have contradicted the medicine. He was hospitalised for 5 days and near the end several times and in constant agony with internal bleeding etc. We were also told he could end up blind and with permanent brain damage if he survived.

hercules1 Tue 25-Aug-09 20:50:12

Panacur treats it if you have it (although there is no cure as such). Advocate is the only thing that prevents it.

beautifulgirls Tue 25-Aug-09 21:41:08

Panacur will only treat lungworm at specific doses given over 7day periods. It will not prevent lungworm like advocate does and the usual worming doses are not adequate to treat lungworm. Likewise Milbemax as a wormer is effective against lungworm but only at specific dosing rates and intervals that are not the standard routine worming doses.

I totally agree with legoprincess - your dog does not need to be the one that is your vets first case. I have seen this and it is not fun.

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