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Kitten deliberately weeing and pooing on daughter and my bed..HELP

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mulranno Wed 12-Aug-09 12:18:50

Got a kitten a month ago...already house trained...using litter tray brilliantly..happy days...then about 2 weeks ago she started weeing (sometimes pooing) on my bed and my daughters. We have now thrown out 3 mattresses. The litter tray is still inside and another is outside. She had not ben out doors when we got her so we introduced her to the new outdoor environment slowly. She does not target any here else in the house...we try and kep the doors closed...but a brief second she is in and has done the deed. last night she peed on the bed with my 3 year old in it...I am going mad..I have washed the duvets and sheets there anything we can spray on our beds to stop this...she is not spraying...but urinating

Joolsiam Wed 12-Aug-09 12:29:46

If she is actually urinating rather than spraying, especially when she is always "going" on something soft, it could well be a medical problem that needs investigating rather than behavioural - cats are prone to cystitis and this can be caused by stress. If that is the problem, it will be easily solved by some reasonably cheap medication from the vet.

To reduce stress further, try getting a Feliway diffuser - calms cats down. Cheapest place I've found for it is

Also, if she's somehow got out of the habit of going in the litter tray - because she was spooked or experienced cystitis pain, then she may well need retraining. I had exactly this problem with one of mine and had tried everything - was at the end of my tether then, as a last resort, tried a different cat litter that was recommended - it contains something that attracts cats back to the litter box and works incredibly well - a bit expensive but you can gradually mix in with cheaper stuff once good habits are re-established: Cat Attract Litter

Naetha Wed 12-Aug-09 12:30:48

Try Feliway - get a plug-in for a couple of weeks, and also get a spray to spray on your duvets.

It won't be instant, but it should help.

Washersaurus Wed 12-Aug-09 12:37:28

OMG brings back memories of when we got our rescue cat. She was fine for the first couple of months and then started weeing and pooing on my bed and even on me a couple of times.

We had her checked out and she was medically fine, but carried on doing it for ages (until we moved house actually). I'm assuming it is stress related so Feliway might be worth a try.

We replaced the bed and bedding and put waterproof duvet, pillow and mattress protectors on them (not the best but cheaper than replacing continously)

We used 'Wash & Get Off' on the patch of carpet by the bedroom door that she also too a shine to using - not sure if I'd use it on the bed as it stinks! What about Febreeze antibac?

Actually, since we moved, she has never been allowed upstairs, but that is more cat hair related......

Joolsiam Wed 12-Aug-09 12:42:25

this stuff is really good for getting the smells out of duvet covers etc - just a couple of capfulls in the fabric conditioner drawer of the washing machine - much cheaper than the stuff you buy in pet shops as it lasts for ages.

OhYouBadBadKitten Wed 12-Aug-09 12:46:32

If it were my kitten after getting her checked out I would restrict her world to one room for a little while with a feliway diffuser. Make sure she is really really secure and happy and going only in the litter tray again before you extend her world. Lots of gentle reassurance and quietness.

Also to stop her getting into the bedrooms instantaneously I'd put up a barrier at the door (when I used to foster cats I would put one of those soft fabric kiddie gates at the door) so that when you open the door she can't bolt in.

mulranno Wed 12-Aug-09 16:28:40

Wow...lots to do...but a great action plan...does anyone know how to clean mattresses...

Washersaurus Wed 12-Aug-09 17:11:11

Steam cleaner?

cornsillk Wed 12-Aug-09 17:14:09

My rabbit used to do this on ds2's bed - I thought it was 'cos the ds had wet the bed in the past and he could smell it even though we couldn't. I shut him out of the room for a bit and he doesn't do it now - weird!

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