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Whilst at my mums, the dog .........well I can't think how to describe how it acted

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Saltire Wed 12-Aug-09 11:36:38

First friday night we were there, DH and I were out at soemthing with my brother and step dad, my mum was babysitting. She rang my mobile and said the dog was acting weird, that it was sitting ont eh carpet staring at a spot ont eh empty sofa across the room,a nd every now and again it would sort of run towards it,t ehn back then do that thing with the front paws down low and bum int eh air - like crouching. She said it did it for about 15 minutes,and at that point she put it in the bed in the kitchen.
Then the second friday, mum and step dad were out, we had all been out all day at something,and the Dses were in bed, it was after 11pm. I was on one sofa, DH ont eh toehr. Dog was doing the same as I described above. Whatever it was looking at was either next to me, or behind the sofa, the dog was looking really oddly, head to one side, then it got up and ran towards the sofa, tail wagging, then sat down again staring, tail still going. it really freaked me out, and I got DH to put dog in kitchen. 2 days later it did it again, I was in the house, my neice and nephew were there - both very young and they were sleeping, DH ahd gone out to pub with my brother and I was on ym own, it started doing it again, but it also walked over to teh buggy wehre nephew was sleeping and growled at something - not into buggy but was loooking at something to the side of buggy.

Whatever it was looking at, we couldn't see.

Bella21 Wed 12-Aug-09 11:47:01

Paws down, bum in the air is a play bow. It is the dog showing it wanted to play.

My guess is your collie saw something like a light speck or reflection and saw it moving and wanted to play.

Nothing wrong at all.

PrammyMammy Fri 14-Aug-09 13:51:04

My dog does this at shadows, ever since we got a new light shade in the living room. Does your mum have a dangling or uneven lampshade? We had a plain circle one, now it is a dangling one.

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