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Anybody got / had SUREFLAP or PET PORTE flap, opinions please!

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NotaGoddess Tue 11-Aug-09 21:41:11

We have two female neutered cats, both adults 4+2 but are small/fit cats.

recently Ive stopped using litter trays and locking them in at night. Our magnetic catflap has broke and next doors HUGE female cat is stalking our garden and entering the house. earlier dp caught her, she had knocked the cat biscuit box off the shelf onto the floor and was trying to get the food out. she has caused scraps recently when my two have found her indoors.

both are microchipped so Im thinking we'll replace with a chip reading flap. there seems to be two brands/types, so if anyones used them please could you offer your opinions of them, how sturdy they are(as i said shes a HUGE cat so bit worried she'll barge it and it'll break) etc etc

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