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HELP - Puppy toilet training, help needed!

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Disenchanted3 Tue 11-Aug-09 08:44:32


we got our Pup on Friday, all day she went to her paper to poop,all that night too. Saturday was the same,she did all her poops and wees on paper.

But Sunday night and last night we come down stairs to just find poop everwhere!

about 6 little poops all over the floor and wee puddles too.

She has paper both inside her area (she has a corner) but she gets out under the couchh so paper is in the living room too.

She does not cry at night and happily goes into her crate (the door is not locked) to sleep.

Im thinking of moving her to near the back door, we have a 1 x 2 metre space if we close all the doors right at the back door she coulD use and its more hygenic as we have a crawling baby.

How come she used the papaer at first and has now stopped?

Shes Ok during the day as she is constantly taken outside, after food, after naps, when shes sniffing in circles...

Well I just taken her out actually and she wee'd (lots of praise) but now shes just weed on the floor again!!

Do I discourage weeing inside as well as encouraging weeing out side!

Any advice really appreciated!!

The kids are calling her Poopy-Mae instead od Poppy-Mae!! grin

Disenchanted3 Tue 11-Aug-09 08:45:45

PS sorry for all typos, kids are running wild and rushing as they want brekkie!

Disenchanted3 Tue 11-Aug-09 10:01:23


We have scrubbed floor now & decided pup will sleep near back door at night but she will still be in here during the day, any ideas?

Disenchanted3 Tue 11-Aug-09 14:00:22


Disenchanted3 Tue 11-Aug-09 14:46:32

<<puts nappy on dog in desperation>>


exchangeandmart Tue 11-Aug-09 16:49:58

does she go to the toilet in her cage? if not, perhaps try leaving her in it for longer periods, and taking her out more frequently for walks and give a lot of praise for toilets outside. I tend to find bitches do take longer to potty train, but persevere, you will get there.

minimu Tue 11-Aug-09 17:34:36

Hi Do get her a cage at night. Do not use paper to train her at all. It is hard work but this method really does work. Every half an hour take her outside. Yep I know busy house got kids etc but it will pay off I promise!
When she does a pee go crazy, yay, tell her how fantastic she is, give her a treat and also associate a word eg be quick, do wee wee etc.
Very very soon she will do a wee when you ask her to be quick.

At night take her our last thing and then put her in her cage. Do not put paper in the cage just a nice comfy rug etc. You may need to get up in the night to let her out if you hear her wimpering (but probably not). if she does straight outside tell her to be quick no game no contact at all. If and when she has weed back in cage no words etc.

Dogs do not usually wee and poo in their cage unfortunately as she has got into the habit of weeing and pooing at night it may take a little longer to sort out. Never ever punish for pooing indoors this just gets the dogs anxious and then they poo more.

I have had many dogs and am a dog trainer I promise that all my dogs are trained in a week and we don't usually ever have poo or wee in the house. Good luck!

puppynovice Wed 12-Aug-09 21:45:19

Minimu - we pick our new puppy up at the weekend and like the idea of training him to go outside straight away, however he is only 7 weeks old and has apparently been used to paper but also going outside if taken.

We have bought a crate and the bed we have bought will fill it so no room for paper.

Is 7 weeks to young to expect him to go outside and how long can we expect him to sleep at night before he will need to go? I don't mind getting up if it means he trains quickly!

minimu Thu 13-Aug-09 15:47:30

No 7 weeks is just the right time to make him go outside. I know it sounds a bore but every hour take him outside and do as I suggest above. I always say that if the dog wees inside it is my fault for not taking them out soon enough! (bit harsh but usually true)

it does depend on the dog re the nights my last lab went from 11.00-6.30 without needing to go out from 7 weeks of age and did not wee or poo in his cage.
Some may need to go out a bit earlier but very very soon they will go through the night.

I never ever ever have mine weeing inside - it is just another habit you will have to break.

One thing if there is a particular spot in the garden where you would like them to pee take them to that spot and then they will always pee there. Can be easier when picking up poo etc!!

Good luck and enjoy every minute with your new puppy

puppynovice Thu 13-Aug-09 21:00:36

Thanks for the advice! I have a feeling I will be back for more!

Is it best to have him on a lead to get him to go where I want him to or just put him down and hope he goes straight away? Hadn't thought about buying a lead as he's so little and can't go anywhere but the garden for ages!

minimu Fri 14-Aug-09 13:06:19

I would just put him out without a lead as long as the area is safe. Do let him walk outside himself so he gets used to asking to go out rather than carrying him out. When he is little he will probably follow you everywhere very easily.

Good luck

TotalRockChick Fri 14-Aug-09 16:09:14

Hi there x
Our first dog was toilet trained within a week and we've never had any accidents (had him from an 8 week old pup) but our second dog is a total homewrecker!!
She was a rescue dog and we're not sure how old she is - it was estimated she was about six months old when we adopted her but shes not got any bigger so we're really unsure. She goes for days at a time with no issues at all, then for no apparent reason she'll poop or wee in the house - either overnight, when we're out at work or, the worst of all, even when the back door is open and we're in the house and she has the opportunity to go into the garden! Minimu you seem to have lots of good advice about dog training, any ideas? We've tried ignoring her when she does it, locking her in the cage, putting her in the back garden, telling her off, praising her when she does it in the right place and rewarding with treats but nothing seems to work!!

minimu Fri 14-Aug-09 18:26:09

Hi TotalRockChick. How are you cleaning the area where she has pooed or done a wee? If you use normal household cleaners they actually accentuate the smell to the dog so they are more likely to soil again in that place. A pet shop should sell some pet odour remover that will take away any smell that the dog may find and then less likely to soil there again. So first I would clean the areas again with the pet odour remover.

Rescue dogs do have more issues so can take longer to really learn to be toilet cleaned. I would go right back to basics for the next few weeks. Take her out every hour give her a command to wee when she does tell her how fantastic she is etc and give her a treat. Do cage her at night if she is happy in a cage but take her out regularly in the evening and first thing in the morning.

Do not tell her off is she does have an accident as if she gets anxious she will just poo more!!

It can seem like one step forward and one back but you will get there with consistent training.

Does she have any other issues as sometimes they can be linked?

puppynovice Wed 19-Aug-09 07:19:50

We are doing well. Puppy going from 10 until about 6 at night and we are not having any accidents in the house. The nice weather is helping, he is taking himself off outside with me following to say 'our word'!

Just hoping he will head that way when the door is shut...

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