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please help me decide which pet will be best for me. cant decide weather to get my first ever dog or another cat - dont want to get a dog then regret it!!

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juicychops Sun 09-Aug-09 18:33:13

sorry everyone for starting all the dog threads!!

right, ive been trying to decide for a while now weather to get another cat (one recently died and i also have another) or weather to get my first ever dog.

i do really like them when other people have them, but then ive never had to deal with the actual responsibility of one. i would love a big dog but live in a small house so small one would prob be best.

i also love cats. i was originally going to get another cat, but then the dog idea came into my head and i cant shake it off.

as ive never had a dog i dont know how i will feel a few months down the line if i get one. i dont want to get one then regret it and have to give it back to the rescue place. i couldn't do it!! but i would love to get a dog its just the fact that i wont understand the hard work and responsibility until i have it then its too late. ive been around dogs and looked after dogs but that is very different from owning one

im thinking prob chiwauwa (sp) size dog maybe a bit bigger. though would of loved a german shepard

please help me decide. has anyone else got a dog and regretted it?

Bella21 Sun 09-Aug-09 18:44:07

I've never regretted it but I know lots of people who have. Even some who had always wanted one but just didn't realise how much it would change your life.

I used to be a homechecker for a dog rescue charity and if you had said to me what you have said now, I wouldn't have given you a dog, tbh.

ime you need to be compeletely prepared and have no doubts that this is what you want.

Best of luck whatever x

DollyPS Sun 09-Aug-09 18:44:48

Is there anyone that has a dog you can borrow for a month or so to see if said mutt would fit in with yous.

It has to be a month so you know if its for you.

We have Danes are they are so laid back its unreal. I have always loved the bigger dogs not small ones but thats me.

A lab might suit you better as a first dog. GD are hard work. Saying that so are all dogs hen.

Also try and get a puppy from the rescue as you dont know the history behind a more grown up dog.

spugs Sun 09-Aug-09 18:47:23

My house mate and I got a puppy when we were at uni, huge mistake as I could barely look after myself at the time and had no idea what having a dog would actually entail even though I grew up with them. When I moved out my house mate kept the dog as she was much better at looking after herself and someone else. So lots of research is definitely the way forward. (She still has the dog by the way 8 years on and it was the right decision to make though I always will feel bad about it).

Dogs are hard work and they live a long time! Unlike cats they need a lot more attention. Feeding, training, walking, poo picking up, general attention, grooming, they make far more hoovering unless you get one that doesn't shed and you cant leave them home alone for hours on end (though people do vary on how long).

If you really want a dog then I would consider a rescue. Lots of them a well behaved house broken dogs who are only in rescue because of the owners change of circumstances. Plus you miss out the puppy stage which is cute but messy.

Chihuahua sized dogs are not brilliant to have with younger children as they break easily! Plus they can be grumpy. The breed you go for all depends on how much time you have for exercise, grooming etc and how much money you want to spend. Not just on the dog but its upkeep.

noddyholder Sun 09-Aug-09 18:51:23

We are having exactly the same dilemma!

juicychops Sun 09-Aug-09 18:56:32

god its so difficult!! i wont get one until i am absolutely 100% sure its what i want to do but at the moment i would love to have one its just that i have never had one and its the fact i dont know how i will feel later on down the line.

i dont know anyone who has a dog anymore so cant borrow one. my dad and step-mum may be getting one soon for my little sis so i could wait until that happens to see how they cope.

i do love cats though and can see myself getting at least 1 more in the future regardless of having a dog or not so would most dogs get on ok with cats (or prob more like the other way around!)?

i only work part time and will be for the next 4-5 years at least so i have the time to care for a dog and do the walks. the only holidays i will be going on in the future is camping hols so could possibly take dog with us.

oh i dont know!!!! maybe im not ready yet?

juicychops Sun 09-Aug-09 18:59:31

noddyholder, what kind of dog are you thinking about?

noddyholder Sun 09-Aug-09 19:03:18

A tibetan trrier or a shitzu.We were out with ds today he is 15 so a rarity these days and we saw 4 of them!!!!!All 4 owners started chatting to us and ds and dp says it is a sign grin I too am a cat person but do love dogs.I get myself all worked up to a defintie yes and then back pedal!

juicychops Sun 09-Aug-09 19:28:15

thats like me!! its because i can be quite impulsive so i am determined not to get a dog for the wrong reasons until i am totally sure as its not fair on the dog. have no idea what breed really but will rescus one if i decide to get a dog and will just pretty much see which dog suits me and ds. he's only 4

juicychops Sun 09-Aug-09 19:34:44

i think for the next few weeks at least every time me and ds go out or do something i will make a conscious note as to weather what we are doing would be suitable for a dog if we had one, and if it wasn't, what would we do with the dog.

that will give me an idea as to weather i have a dog friendly life style to accomodate one

juicychops Sun 09-Aug-09 20:19:49

what are greyhounds like as pets? are they a lot more work than a small dog?

been reading about them and they are supposed to ge great with kids. i wouldn't mind a greyhound. when i wwas young a friend of my parents had a greyhound called domino and he was so lovely and docile and laid back

gingertoo Sun 09-Aug-09 20:28:13

The biggest shock we got when we got a dog (and something we hadn't considered blush) was the cost of putting them in kennels when we go on holiday. We have 2 gorgeous black labs and it costs more to put them in kennels for a week than it does for us to pitch our tent on a campsite for a week shock !!!

Don't know whether you holiday much, but that might be something else you need to consider ....

Labs are gorgeous btw and brilliant with kids..

DollyPS Mon 10-Aug-09 17:56:04

greyhounds are laid back as well and need a fair bit of excerise to though.

was thinking the same there ginger it costs a small fortune for kennels for them hence why we have house/dog sitter rolled into one. Lot easier as we have a fair few dogs here LOL!!!!

What about helping out at a kennel as that might sway you either way.

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