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Names for a female tortoiseshell kitten? Completely stuck

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MummyElk Wed 05-Aug-09 19:44:13

My DH wants to call it endangered shock
but he loves her really.
She's mostly blackish with a couple of ginger legs and a few slashes of white. She's very cute and quite a monkey.
We rescued her from a hedge in the middle of nowhere so am still getting used to the idea of having a cat, haven't a clue what to call her!
Help please.
Two syllables is better than one i think. Means I can yell it loudly at night to get the bugger in wink

YouLukaAmazing Wed 05-Aug-09 19:45:01

Message withdrawn

MommyHasaHeadache Wed 05-Aug-09 19:49:11

We had a tortie and called Rusty!

boudoiricca Wed 05-Aug-09 19:50:43


Greensleeves Wed 05-Aug-09 19:51:04


oxocube Wed 05-Aug-09 19:51:24

My dd says Luna (a HP fan, obviously!)

MadreInglese Wed 05-Aug-09 19:51:56


norktasticninja Wed 05-Aug-09 19:52:10


Narketta Wed 05-Aug-09 19:52:42

I had a lovely tortoise shell cat years ago called Paddy, I don't really know why I picked that name but it just suited her.

mummyplonk Wed 05-Aug-09 19:56:36

Marmaduke (maybe a bit Boy'ish)

Tiffany, eek only joking

I love random names for pets like, Dave, Phil, etc so I guess the female equivolent (sp?) Margery, Penelope, Lucinda, Sharon. smile

MadreInglese Wed 05-Aug-09 19:57:26


oxocube Wed 05-Aug-09 19:58:15

I used to have a tortie Lucy. She was run over sad

lambanana Wed 05-Aug-09 20:03:36


Bella21 Wed 05-Aug-09 20:13:18


MadreInglese Wed 05-Aug-09 20:13:51


chickchickchickee Wed 05-Aug-09 20:25:24

Naughty the tortie ;)

blametheparents Wed 05-Aug-09 20:28:05


differentID Wed 05-Aug-09 20:28:37

My mum's is Molly.

5inthebed Wed 05-Aug-09 20:31:13

We had a gorgeous long haired tortoiseshell cat when I lived in South Africa, and she was called Charlie (after the perfume dontcha know). I think its a lovley name for a cat smile

weaselm4 Wed 05-Aug-09 20:37:24

Our lovely tortie was called Mitzi. She lasted until she was 21 (we got her when I was 4)!

QueenEagle Wed 05-Aug-09 20:39:13


moshie Wed 05-Aug-09 20:44:15


tottie218 Wed 05-Aug-09 20:44:19

My (female) tabby cat is called Granville!
Not that I'm recommending that!

I like

MummyElk Wed 05-Aug-09 22:01:31

ahhhh love them all!! thank you!! x
tottie my last was called Willow - he was soooo lovely sad
Ok. Will sleep on it. trying not to tie up other potential DC names with it ha ha!!

fairimum Thu 06-Aug-09 08:09:36

Kali - a Hindu goddess of destruction. - fitted our torti girl perfectly as such a monkey!!!

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