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Does anyone have a cat with three legs?

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EccentricaGallumbits Sun 02-Aug-09 19:58:45

Ours got squashed badly 2 years ago. Had to have his back leg off. Agonised over the decision at the time but he has been absolutely fine since, catching frogs, climbing fences etc.

The last couple of days he's been a bit wobbly. A bit more than usual. He does a couple of steps/hops then has to stop and rest again. He seems tired. sad

So. Does anyone else know any cats with 3 legs? how long after they had a leg off did they last? Is he going to perk up again?

alardi Sun 02-Aug-09 20:01:16

I've known a lot of cats that survived long and well with only one back leg. hth.

EccentricaGallumbits Sun 02-Aug-09 20:10:35

Thanks. He's a nice boy. Will watch him over the next day or so. H's eating well so can't be feeling too shite.

thisisyesterday Sun 02-Aug-09 20:14:12

we had one, it was a front leg rather than back.
he lived to a ripe old age and carried on bringing rabbits home right up til the end!!

EccentricaGallumbits Mon 03-Aug-09 16:57:14

Have made appointment with vet for tomorrow sad he doesn't look well sad [sad

ipiratethief Mon 03-Aug-09 17:02:08

poor boy, hope its positive news.

ipiratethief Wed 05-Aug-09 09:36:16

Just wondering how is he EG ?

hazeyjane Wed 05-Aug-09 09:41:45

I had a cat who lost his leg in a trap, he was a mess, with a broken jaw (which had to be held together with a wire), who was near death when I found him.

I had him for 8 years after I found him, and he was probably about 3 when I found him. He was lovely and I'm having to stop myself from crying now!

I hope he is ok, let us know how is getting on.

EccentricaGallumbits Wed 05-Aug-09 22:26:09

thanks. He's OK ish. been to the vets who thinks he's just pulled something. £80 later and some anti-inflammatories he's hopping around much better. He is confined to the study though and bored. He did escape this morning for a few hours. came back all wet and wobbly again but he looks brighter.
I am never having cats again. I can't stand the heartache.

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