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wobbly cat - diagnosis anyone?

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beesonmummyshead Sat 01-Aug-09 20:03:39

hello, i've put this in Chat too, so soryy if you've read it twice, I do appreciate your replies.

hi, last year i rescued a 13 year old cat after losing mine of a similar age. he is HUGE and eats very well (no decrease in appetite or increase in thirst)

he has over the past week become much less steady on his feet, culminating in today, him falling over whenever i rub his head. he seems to wak with his head on slightly one side and walks quite carefully/unsteadily.

what could this be? since he seems well in himself I am minded to take him to the vets on monday rather than pay for an out of hours vet.

its all happening at once here I've just lost my cockatiel aged 18 and guineapig aged 5, dd is just about realising that pets don't always come back when I take them to the vets, yet I'll have little choice but to take her with me on Monday.

Please tell me it's not as bad as it sounds

FWIW my last cat died of renal failure and he wet all wobbly too though he did have many other symptoms.

beautifulgirls Sat 01-Aug-09 20:11:03

Sounds like a middle ear problem or a neurological problem perhaps - many things possible though and only the vet can tell you really.
If it was your daughter would you leave it until Monday to see the doctor??

beesonmummyshead Sat 01-Aug-09 20:13:33

difficult question beautifulgirls and one i've wondered over.

I think I was only waiting as apart from the clumsiness he sems ok, and I was wonderng if anyone had opinions before deciding, obviously if you guys had said "get him to the vet" would have considered it!

I think I shall phone the vet to see what they think, I had hoped it was perhaps nothing <hopeful>

beautifulgirls Sat 01-Aug-09 21:52:05

good luck - as a vet if I was on duty I'd suggest he be seen if you called and told me what you had said here - but of course ultimately the vet will probably leave the decision to you.

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