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Border Collies - I am just thinking aloud really

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hereidrawtheline Sat 01-Aug-09 12:53:00

I saw an advert in town yesterday for 2 female border collies, 10 months old, free to a good home. Which is quite unusual.

Some of you may know I had a puppy several months ago and had to rehome him because of his constant biting my DS's winky and due to DS's SN I couldnt train DS on how to train the dog if that makes sense. It broke my heart because I had researched for months and done all the right things and the dog was really for me. I wanted a companion for myself.

Anyway I have written off getting a dog until DS is much older but yesterday I saw this advert and it is playing on my mind. Partly because a lot of people said at the time things would have been easier if I had 2 puppies instead of just one because they would have had each other to play with. And partly because B.C. are supposed to be much better to train than Tibetan Terriers. So I must admit my personal longing for a companion for me has been brought back up again. It probably doesnt matter because surely even if I phoned the dogs will have already found a home but I just feel like I cant totally ignore it.

To put it bluntly, I wont ever have any more children. And I am 30 and have so much maternal love to give and I want company from an animal. So I sort of wanted a dog of my own to love. We have 2 10 year old cats who are brilliant but being cats they mainly sleep in the towel cupboard all day long. We also have 4 rabbits in a large enclosure in the garden but being rabbits they just want me to feed them then bugger off.

So... talk to me. Not sure about what just talk to me.

moondog Sat 01-Aug-09 12:54:33

Border collies need vast amonuts of stimulation and a lot of exercise. I had one.
Can you commit to loooong walks every day come rain or shine? If not, think again.

hereidrawtheline Sat 01-Aug-09 12:56:59

long walks every day... yes I can do that.

It's unlikely I'll do anything just because of how badly it went when I tried before. But I so want it. I think only a real animal lover could understand.

hereidrawtheline Sat 01-Aug-09 12:57:23

what about temperament? barking a lot?

Kayzr Sat 01-Aug-09 12:59:45

But you have to ask yourself why are they being given away.

Also 2 dogs are a lot harder to train than 1. They will form their own pack and if you are not constant with the training they will just ignore you.

Saying that though I LOVE Border Collies so my heart is shouting "GET THEM"

moondog Sat 01-Aug-09 13:00:25

It'll be harder to 'train' a dog who is older.
I'd recommend this book very highly if you do go fro it.

hereidrawtheline Sat 01-Aug-09 13:02:19

yes I was wondering why they were being given away. I was planning on asking if I phoned but was debating first whether or not to phone grin

Since they are local in my village I can see them and see how they are with DS before committing which is a bonus. I drove 4 hrs to Wales to collect my TT.

beautifulgirls Sat 01-Aug-09 13:02:46

This rings alarm bells - people rarely rehome dogs at that age unless they are having some issues with behaviour. It may be simply that they are not getting enough exercise with the current owner and that is the root of the problem, but there are many more reasons that could also affect your situation. Given your situation where your son must come first I personally would suggest that this is not a good choice for you to be making right now with any dog - and this breed is seriously hyperactive.

Kayzr Sat 01-Aug-09 13:04:12

They need serious mental stimulation. Most people I know with BC do agility and/or flyball.

hereidrawtheline Sat 01-Aug-09 13:05:09

you are right beautifulgirls. its all things I need answered by speaking to the owners I suppose. They could be moving and unable to take the dogs. But it would need very thorough vetting if even done at all.

pofacedandproud Sat 01-Aug-09 13:05:16

2 10 month old border collies? Good grief. No, no, no. Was it a tibetan terrier you had previously? I've had a border collie and a tibetan terrier cross. Border collies can be very highly strung, need huge amounts of exercise and are bonkers. Our border collie pup needed loads of dog training classes and needed massive walks three times a day - she was very nervous around children. She was a darling but very nervous.
My tibetan terrier cross was easy in comparison. If you really want a dog I'd suggest a cross - much calmer.

hereidrawtheline Sat 01-Aug-09 13:06:12

well with the puppy we had before he was already booked in to training/agility classes when we had to rehome him, that is something I want to do so wouldnt do reluctantly. The TT though was just totally the wrong mix for my family it was unworkable.

hereidrawtheline Sat 01-Aug-09 13:07:44

yes it was a Tibetan, he was purebred his grand sire was Fabulous Willy.

I have to go jump in the shower... will be back later today!

pofacedandproud Sat 01-Aug-09 13:08:02

i just couldn't cope with 2 young border collies - I really couldn't!

hereidrawtheline Sat 01-Aug-09 13:11:23

well you know what I am insane. DS just started off in meltdown and I was slammed back to the reality of my life i.e. slavery to autism so I will not consider anymore. It was a pipe dream. Thanks for the talk though.

pofacedandproud Sat 01-Aug-09 13:20:40

sorry hereithl. Could you consider a cross breed though? Some places like rescue centres will allow you to interact quite a bit with a dog you're considering [take it for walks etc] before deciding, to ensure a good match with your ds.

hereidrawtheline Sat 01-Aug-09 13:22:53

maybe I'll think about it later. Well no I will think about it later. I do suffer from random temporary insanity where I seem to think my life can somehow be managed like everyone else's! Its ok. I just need to think & talk these decisions out sometimes.

hereidrawtheline Sat 01-Aug-09 13:23:38

And I've never cared about breed so I would be happy for a mutt. I just want a dog to love really.

HeadFairy Sat 01-Aug-09 13:24:28

shame about that hereidrawtheline... border collies are lovely dogs, but very hard work. They really do need mental stimulation. FWIW I think two border collies might be better off than one as they will have each other for company. Our border collie used to get so bored sometimes (she always had two walks of about an hour every day) she used to chew her fur on her back until she created a massive ulcer. We had to seriously start thinking about stimulating her in between walks.

beautifulgirls Sat 01-Aug-09 18:03:30

It sounds like you would be best going to a rescue centre in the long run when you do decide it is time to get a dog, and finding the one with the right personality for your family. Most puppies are very active and need to be trained etc and you can not guarantee how things will turn out. If you got a slightly more mature dog - maybe 3-4yrs old? you would be able to see the dog you were getting and how excitable etc it is - the puppy behaviour will be settling down nicely at that stage. I think this way you have by far the best chance of getting a happy household with good people/dog balance.
I'm sorry that autism is making your decision all the more difficult - you are doing the right thing thinking hard about things for both the future dog and your family. Good luck.

hereidrawtheline Sat 01-Aug-09 21:31:12

I agree, one day I will get a slightly older dog. I just want it to love me more than anything blush I know that sounds terribly selfish but I just love the love that dogs give their owners. I guess it is part of the nice things of having a little child but without the endless CAHMS appointments and assessments etc. Just simple love, you know? I do really wish I could have a lovely gentle dog now. It has to be gentle. Energetic is fine, but gentle a must.

bella21 Sat 01-Aug-09 21:38:52

OP - I hadn't read this because I've never had a border collie but I do totally understand where you are coming from and I really hope you find the right dog when you do start looking.


trellism Sat 01-Aug-09 21:41:21

My inlaws have a Border Collie. He is lovely, but also highly strung, very energetic and a lot of work. He is not good with children, however, and I believe this is not at all unusual with BCs. I would not recommend getting a Border Collie if you have young children in the house.

For clarity, the dog isn't dangerous around children, he doesn't bite or snap at them, but he gets very anxious and starts barking madly. I think it's because children act in an unpredictable way; they shriek and run about and for a dog that's basically bred to herd sheep, this can be very confusing.

The inlaws' previous BC managed to herd a group of under-9s at a birthday party into a shed and then sat outside, wagging her tail, waiting to be told what a good girl she was.

beautifulgirls Sat 01-Aug-09 21:55:52

Hereidraw - I totally understand your sentiment wanting a dog and the unconditional love you can get back from them. We said goodbye to our very old dog back in March, but I am expecting baby #3 and was 6 weeks gone when we put her to sleep - now is not the right time for us to get another dog at all and I really miss the doggy company in the house. When the time is right for us and right for a dog too then we'll go on a hunt and find our new friend. I hope that it all goes well for you in your search later on grin Meanwhile we can wait and dream eh!

kormachameleon Sat 01-Aug-09 21:58:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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