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Tell me about Naturediet please...

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bella21 Thu 30-Jul-09 18:41:02

...had a look at website. Hideously expensive but no more so than <whispers> pedigree chum. shock

Please tell me more.


ceres Fri 31-Jul-09 19:05:40

we changed to naturediet about 3 years ago when our staffie was diagnosed with colitis. i did a lot of research when he was diagnosed and found a lot of people on doggy forums had had good results in managing colitis, and other digestive prblems, by switching to naturediet.

he now very rarely has any trouble with the colitis and when he does it is always down to him getting too many treats. then i simply supplement his naturediet with slippery elm bark and it clears up again.

naturediet is really a semi-wet food, it is really solid and you can see the rice and carrots in it. according to the ingredients list there is a minimum of 60% meat (this compares to something like 4 - 6% in most tinned foods...i think, this is from memory). it is also gluten free and is classified as an holistic product (not sure what that means but it is on the label!)

our dog used to get through 3-4 tins of pedigree or butchers but now has 2 packs of naturediet so we haven't noticed a difference in cost.

i would not use any other food now - i know i sound like i work for naturediet but i do think it is a great dog food. i usually buy from zooplus - they regularly have special offers and if you buy more that £100 at a time you get an additional 5% discount as well as free delivery. zooplus also have a points systen so you collect points and can then 'spend' them on free pet goodies!

bella21 Fri 31-Jul-09 19:19:22

Oh thank you, ceres. Will have a look - might have to try some wink

Molesworth Sat 01-Aug-09 12:58:04

Another Naturediet fan here. Although the tubs look small, the food is packed in there very densely. One tub does three dinners for ddog. That's about 60p a day, which doesn't seem excessive!

bella21 Sat 01-Aug-09 15:49:52

Thanks, Moley. It's just as an addition to their dried food, as a little treat now and then.

How's your dog's dew claw?

spugs Sat 01-Aug-09 17:48:32

Apparently its the mutts nuts grin
My pups arent on it but Im considering a swap. What I want to know is if you can mix in a good quality kibble like Burns to stretch it out a bit?

bella21 Sat 01-Aug-09 17:54:43

lol @ mutts nuts wink

Molesworth Sat 01-Aug-09 17:57:03

I sometimes mix a bit of Burns in to give it some texture, but he loves it 'neat'.

Thanks Bella, his dew claw snapped off in the end! It looks fine and he isn't in pain, so I've just left it.

Bella21 Wed 05-Aug-09 11:52:06

My first consignment has arrived grin

<excited bounce>

I'm really hungry too - better not open it in case it smells too good...

spugs Wed 05-Aug-09 19:40:39

I got some yesterday as well grin it looks a bit grim but the pooches love it grin.

Im mixing it in with their dry food. Roxy (2 lb papillon) only has a tablespoon of meat and one of dry and Alfie (10lb bichonx) has a handful of kibble & 2 tbl spoons of meat (they both get fed 3 times a day). It seems to work out at just under half a pack in 24 hours which is good seeing as how neither of them will ever eat huge amounts. They much prefer there kibble with meat in and as its only a small amount it wont bankrupt me!!!!!

Next move will be to swap them from Hills and JWB onto Burns.

Did your dog enjoy it Bella?

Bella21 Wed 05-Aug-09 20:10:29

lol at your teeny quantities and envy at your low food bills, spugs grin

Haven't opened mine yet. I have rather a lot of - ahem - butchers tripe to get through first. In my defence, guv, it was on special offer at Tesco and I only share it out between them on top of their Royal Canin blush

So tonight they had Royal Canin and a chicken breast - not out of date, in case Blondie's reading this. I'll start wading through the butchers tomorrow - all 13 tins. Do you think dh would notice some in his spag bol? grin

I'm hoping to only use one pack a day although I'm keeping the option open of putting my old girl on it full time - 2.5 packs per day.

Did it smell nice? I got the fish one and I am sadly looking forward to it shock

ceres Wed 05-Aug-09 21:36:26

let us know how you get on with it! you say you are thinking of putting one of your dogs on it fulltime - what type of dog is she? i ask because our dog is only on 2 packs a day, and we are talking 4 stone of staffie!

ceres Wed 05-Aug-09 21:38:32

hmmm, missed the bit where you said you got the fish one. i bought some once - never again, smells horrible and the dog wasn't keen either. yours might love it though!

spugs Thu 06-Aug-09 09:25:55

It doesnt really smell! Not like some of the tinned stuff.
I have also not noticed any smelly dog farts which we did get after I gave them the manky meat the breeder sent with Roxy grin.

Bella21 Thu 06-Aug-09 09:46:48

Well, I caved in and opened a pack today. It was very popular grin

Ceres - she's a 25 kg (about 4 stone) lab x gsd, and on the naturediet website it calculated that she'd need 2.4 packs per day, iirc. Of course, you always tweak it according to your dog's needs. She's getting old though (I've also got her some senior/lite to try) and as their sense of smell and taste deteriorates I want her to enjoy her food as much as possible.

Hurrah for no farts, spugs grin Actually, mine aren't very farty anyway, tbh, but that is good news all the same wink

ceres Sat 08-Aug-09 13:43:01

bella - glad to hear the naturediet went down well! your dog is around the same weight as mine and he has 2 packs a day, as you say though it does vary with different dogs.

Bella21 Sat 08-Aug-09 15:55:53

Thanks, ceres - I'll let you know if I go 'full-time' with it.

They did really enjoy it grin

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