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we're getting a puppy and a kitten poo question please

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JodieO Mon 27-Jul-09 17:55:40

Firstly the kittens, we rehomed 2 almost 2 weeks ago now from a local shelter but they are hit and miss with the litter tray. They seem really happy and are settling in well, they're about 12/13 weeks old at the moment although one is smaller than the other. There are a few places they (I think it may just be one of them mostly) go outside the tray and we've been using the pet spray to try to deter them, the one you clean it up with and then another to spray down. I tried using bio washing poswer first but this didnt work. Any suggestions?

Secondly, we've been looking at shelters for a while for a suitable dog with the children and we found one with some adorable puppies who are about 5 weeks old now, staffy x shar pei and the mother is there too, she had the pups in the shelter and has a lovely temperament. We have one reserved now and can pick up in 3/4 weeks assuming our home check goes ok. Does anyone have any tips or advice? I spoke to a lovely woman there who used to be a dog trainer and she gave me some really good advice about training etc which was much appreciated.

Thanks. Oh, I know it'll be hard work with the kittens and 3 children (ages 7, 5 and 2 and a half) but I think it would be a good time and especially with a puppy to grow up with the children

englishpatient Mon 27-Jul-09 18:36:11

You are going to have your hands full! How lovely for the children, though.

Mind the puppy doesn't eat the kitten poo! Our dog did this when she was a puppy!

I am sure you will be careful with the children around the puppy - they can all get a bit too boisterous together.

Is the kittens' litter tray big enough? Our cats didn't like to go in theirs if there was much already left, so it needs to be big enough and poo / wet litter removed regularly.

JodieO Mon 27-Jul-09 18:45:56

Thanks I'll definitely be vey careful, the lady I spoke to advised a crate as well so the puppy would have somewhere for a break as much as anything so I'll probably get one.

The litter tray is the biggest one they sold! It is quite large tbh. Hmm, maybe it's because it needs changing more then as I have noticed a few poos in there and then one on the carpet. Don't get me wrong, it's changed at least twice a day! One of them doesn't seem to like covering his poo either though.

englishpatient Mon 27-Jul-09 19:03:35

Yes, I think it's quite important for the puppy to have somewhere to go to get away from the children, and that they understand that in there they can't bother him/her.

My cats didn't always cover the poo either. (Yuck!)

Hope you have a lot of fun with them. smile

JodieO Mon 27-Jul-09 19:19:01

I really can't wait to bring her home She's so lovely and friendly, her name is currently Fairy, I think we'll be renaming her though as I can't see Dp walking her and calling Fairy lol.

englishpatient Mon 27-Jul-09 21:14:30

Sorry, have been putting DS to bed. I was trying to think of nice names that sound a bit like Fairy, but only thought of Hairy! (as in Hairy Maclary?!) and Mary (a bit odd for a dog, though we do know a dog called this).

englishpatient Mon 27-Jul-09 21:37:50

We had our two cats as kittens from a rescue shelter (one had been cruelly treated and has only 1/2 a tail sad) and they have been wonderful, loving cats. We sadly lost one at age 17 and still have the other, now aged 19 and still gorgeous.

JodieO Tue 28-Jul-09 08:08:26

Poor thing It's awful what some animals go through at the hands of people One of ours was brought in as a stray and was tiny, they said all he did was eat and sleep at first, he must have been exhausted and starving. The other was one of a litter (last one left) from a semi feral mum, luckily they also found a home for her on a farm

More poo this morning, I think we might get another litter tray and have two just in case one gets full overnight. They're not going outside yet as they're due to have 2nd vaccination tomorrow. We're going to talk to the vet about neutering too, hopefully won't have to wait until 6 months, I know some are willing to do it earlier depending on weight etc.

englishpatient Tue 28-Jul-09 12:45:12

Maybe the vet might have some ideas about the poo when you take the kittens for their 2nd vaccinations tomorrow. It gets much better when they can go outside! Good luck!

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