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Chew toys for teething pup

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doggiesayswoof Mon 27-Jul-09 13:21:17

I have had a thread about dog toys before but please be patient with me smile

I am confused about what is safe for my border terrier puppy to chew. She is 16 weeks and has recently started to show signs of teething - seems to have a much stronger urge to chew now.

I have had a lot of conflicting advice on this. My vet said nylabones were bad, but rawhide was good.

Someone else (it may have been bella) said nylabones good, rawhide potentially not good.

Also there are so many types of bones in pets at home - I don't know the difference!

She seems to be a powerful chewer. She had a puppy nylabone last week, the non-edible kind, and she managed to get a big lump off and I think she must have swallowed it.

A friend of mine recently lost her little dog when it choked (on a piece of raw beetroot would you believe) so I am a bit jumpy about this.

bella21 Mon 27-Jul-09 13:26:56

Hello doggie

Yes, I would have said that because usually you have far less chance of a nylabone breaking.

So sorry about your friend's dog - I can fully understand your worries sad

Adult nylabones are stronger than the puppy ones but there are other options.

I use raw beef marrowbones from my butcher, and also pigs ears, occasionally. Steer clear of any kind of cooked bone. Kong do bone shaped toys which may be more flexible than nylabones and so less likely to break.

There's also a range of very strong dog toys which I'll hunt down and get you a link to. They survive well even in my house wink

I'll be back...

bella21 Mon 27-Jul-09 13:30:49

Here it is:


Not cheap but they do last.

Also, thick rope tug toys are a good safe option for chewing.

Any toy is much more appealing to your dog if you rub it between your hands first.

Am sure there will be lots more suggestions soon...wink

doggiesayswoof Mon 27-Jul-09 13:39:54

Thanks for that bella!

So - no cooked bones? I didn't know that, will avoid.

The link looks good - they are expensive but OTOH we have spent more than that on toys which have been destroyed quite quickly (she's gone through 5 or 6 at about a fiver each), so one that actually lasts would be worth it.

I was blush when she pooed out a label one day - I picked up the poo and it said "keep away from fire" on it - took a few seconds to realise it must have come off a cuddly toy

bella21 Mon 27-Jul-09 13:45:37

Cooked bones can splinter,as can smaller raw bones so really big chunky marrowbones are the ones to go for.

lol @ label, though wink

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