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I feel so bad about my kitty cat...

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frostyfingers Mon 20-Jul-09 12:18:23

We've had a disaster and I feel so guilty.....We have a lovely cat, just a moggy, but lovely all the same and have been trying for kittens from her (by leaving her unspayed and unconfined) for over a year. Found out she was pregnant and due while we were away on holiday - first holiday for 3 years, and first 2 week holiday for 10 so timing couldn't have been worse.

Having spoken to the vet about what to do we decided that the best thing for her was to leave her at home (she's mainly outdoor) and to have my neighbour who has bred kittens professionally to come and check on her.

She dutifully came over 4 times a day, and last week found her having started giving birth. She'd had 3 which were already dead, and proceeded to have another 4. Her milk hadn't come in, and she wasn't interested in the kittens at all.

My lovely neighbour tried and tried to keep them going, called the vet who tried as well but sadly they all died. The vet thought they were possibly a bit premature and that mummy cat had a bit of a fever. Having spoken to the vet today, she couldn't put her finger on what had happened, but felt that a contributing factor to their early birth (by about a week) may have been our absence. I feel so, so bad about it. I know we couldn't have done anything but I still feel so guilty.

Mummy cat is absolutely fine - no sign of milk or looking for her lost family - and she's all over us and very chatty so I don't think she's too traumatised, and the vet has said that there are unlikely to be any ill effects if we want to try again. Of course the dc's are upset too as they were so looking forward to it. What a grotty end to a fabulous holiday - every time I look at her I feel guilty!

fluffyanimal Mon 20-Jul-09 12:41:02

Sorry your family and your cat have had to go through this, but I can't help wondering - what were you expecting? If your only input into her breeding programme is to leave her unspayed and unconfined then you've got to expect it could happen at an inconvenient time. It's not like you are taking her to a tom to be mated. And another thing is you can't guarantee the quality of the sire - she could get pregnant by some poor neglected unvaccinated unhealthy stray.

What were you planning to do with the kittens? Keep them? If you really want kittens either breed her properly or, IMVHO, get her spayed and rehome some rescue kittens as there are plenty of unwanted moggies out there.

frostyfingers Mon 20-Jul-09 13:17:22

Thanks for the sympathy - we already had 5 homes, and were planning to keep any left over. FYI before we got this cat, I spent several months (yes, months) in contact with the CPL, and our local cat's protection about rehoming and they were so difficult, and obstructive that I gave up and got this one via the vet - having been abandoned. I am well aware that there are lots of cats, and ok we didn't go via a breeder to get her mated, but I do know the father (local) and his history, so it's not as casual as it originally sounded. We are in a very rural area and are not overrun with strays.

If we have a successful pregnancy, or if she is not pregnant after her next season she will be spayed so I don't think I'm being irresponsible. She has been vet checked again today, and is physically well.

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