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Help me name our new baby, i quite fancy a harry Potter themed name......

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TitsalinaBumsquash Sat 18-Jul-09 17:27:17

She should be on my profile, she is 10 weeks and you can't see but she has a fair bit of ginger in her coat.

I quite fancy a Potter themed name so help me name my baby girl!

tearinghairout Sat 18-Jul-09 17:30:49

Oh she's gorgeous, what did you have in mind?

PS what a good job you did on the DIY haircut - suits your face shape.

tearinghairout Sat 18-Jul-09 17:31:43

And what about Fluffy !! grin

TitsalinaBumsquash Sat 18-Jul-09 17:57:21


Yeah she is fluffy but i don't want a Cat name!

I like


Mamazon Sat 18-Jul-09 17:59:42


differentID Sat 18-Jul-09 18:07:29

how about Minerva? as in Minerva McGonagall, whose Animagus form is a tabby cat!

ZZZenAgain Sat 18-Jul-09 18:08:31

Has to be something with Hufflepuff in it really I think

ZZZenAgain Sat 18-Jul-09 18:09:05

Mindyou Slitherina has a charm of its own. Not too common either

I was going to say Dumbledore but see now name is for a female.
Got to be Ginny with the ginger. Or maybe Tonks which is a cool cat name.

lockets Sat 18-Jul-09 18:10:27

Message withdrawn

ZZZenAgain Sat 18-Jul-09 18:10:56

but wouldn't that make you think of toilets?

Flamesparrow Sat 18-Jul-09 18:11:28

I like Muggle

cookielove Sat 18-Jul-09 18:11:49

how bout

or Kipper

through the last one in just cause its cute

treedelivery Sat 18-Jul-09 18:12:38

Mrs Weasley.

ZZZenAgain Sat 18-Jul-09 18:13:20

what was that rat called now, the one that turned out to be a bad guy?

Celery Sat 18-Jul-09 18:14:52


Celery Sat 18-Jul-09 18:15:27


lockets Sat 18-Jul-09 18:15:43

Message withdrawn

OrmIrian Sat 18-Jul-09 18:21:10

Awww! Isn't she beautiful?


ZZZenAgain Sat 18-Jul-09 18:22:05

Hagrita - very nice

Quite like Nimbus. Maybe even Nimbus 2009

lockets Sat 18-Jul-09 18:24:06

Message withdrawn

ZZZenAgain Sat 18-Jul-09 18:25:41

She looks so sweet. I think an imposing name might suit her as a contrast. Dumbledore maybe

Tidey Sat 18-Jul-09 18:29:45


I could go on, but I'm a tiny bit ashamed of how many times I've read them. I'm reading the first one to DS now too.

lockets Sat 18-Jul-09 18:35:37

Message withdrawn

pagwatch Sat 18-Jul-09 18:37:24

I like Muggle too.

But if she is ginger she ought to be a Weasley....

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