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Cold at night?

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OliviaGrace Thu 19-May-05 16:08:28

My dogs sleep in the kitchen at night. One in a material squishy bed and the other on the kitchen rocking chair. They are old now and I was just wondering if I should put a blanket over them or is their fur enough to keep them warm throughout the night? Also, if I do put a blanket over them, when they go for a wee or a drink in the night, it comes off.

SPARKLER1 Thu 19-May-05 16:32:11

Ahhhhhhh - what are us pet lovers like eh? I'm sure they will be warm enough. My dm was so soppy over her dog she used to give him a cup of tea everyday - out of a china cup that she kept especialy for him. I always asked her if she was going to give him a chocolate biscuit to go with it.
Ah bless!!

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