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Mare in season.

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pixel Wed 18-May-05 23:10:55

Just wondered if anyone knows how long mares are in season for each time? I have had horses for 25 years but have always had geldings. There is a shetland mare near us who has discovered a new contempt for electric fencing and keeps on getting in my pony's field. He has come over all 'stallionish' and is being a right pain. Won't eat, won't be tied up, constantly 'herds' her around and is a nervous wreck. At 28 years old he doesn't need this stress.

The mare's owner has to be fair tried everything to keep the little madam in. I just wondered how long I've got to put up with this.

Anteater Wed 18-May-05 23:40:20

usually a summer problem..
Cycle is 18 to 23 days, but does vary. Mare will pee loads of smells to drive your old fella mad, once he has a whiff hes going to do nearly anything to get a bit!!
Mares will accept 'service' even after ovulation, so the problems that crop up do tend to run and run with mareish mares iykwim..

pixel Thu 19-May-05 00:27:02

Thanks Anteater, doesn't sound too good then does it? I'm not sure my pony and I can stand nearly a month of this each time! Haven't a clue what I can do about it though.

My boy is mostly bothered about keeping her away from the new gelding in the adjacent field. If he stops to eat she gets out of his range of sight (he has cataracts)and then he panics because he doesn't know where she is. He's wearing himself out and was very stiff in his joints this evening. I feel quite cross because he has been gorgeous lately, very calm and loving and blooming with health.

I don't suppose there is anything that I can tactfully 'suggest' to the mare's owner that could help? I know she is getting fed up with the situation as well because the shetland is getting far too much grass and will get laminitis.

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