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to be peed off

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imbored Thu 09-Jul-09 21:42:02

i have discovered that i am a bad person for getting my cat spayed and not letting my cat have kittens when the person who said it has let her cat have four litters without spayingangry

imaynotbeperfectbutimokmummy Thu 09-Jul-09 22:18:22

yeah, you are acomplete butch i mean, fancy not letting your poor cat give birth to yet another litter of kittens when there clearly isn't enough cats wanting good homes festering in cat sancturarys. Let alone all these cats breeding again and potentially spreading disease hmm.

Whoever told you that is a freak!

imaynotbeperfectbutimokmummy Thu 09-Jul-09 22:19:14

oh dear, its waay past wine o clock here, i meant bitch! obviously grin

imbored Thu 09-Jul-09 22:26:19

thats what i thought but she one of those people that she does everything right and everbody else does it wrong

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 10-Jul-09 16:51:21

its prob nice to allow female to be a mummy once 9well maybe 5 times depending on how many in one litter)

but ignore this person - you are being responsible

beautifulgirls Fri 10-Jul-09 20:26:35

Take her to the local cat shelter and show her what happens when people are irresponsible about neutering.
Good on you for doing the right thing.

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