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Any tips for curing infected nail bed in older cat?

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shesmylovelylittlegirl Thu 09-Jul-09 11:25:14

I know the best one is take her to the vets and get some antibiotics but she's around 16 and has kidney failure. When she's well antibiotics knock her back badly (diarrhoea, off food, etc) so I don't want to chance it as the nail isn't bothering her unless I'm cleaning it. Spotted it last night and used salt water to clean it.

She gets these periodically and sometimes they heal with cleaning regularly and sometimes she needs antibiotics. Just wondered if anyone knew of any magic cures?

It's a shame as she's been doing really well. I posted about her a few weeks ago when she was having a few off days but she's come on better than we could have hoped. She's even got her voice back, generally eating well, and has started scratching the sofa and new carpet again ( not such a good one that!)

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