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New dog and our current dog fighting?

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grubbywitch Wed 08-Jul-09 15:10:28

We have a 2yr old bitch beagle who has always been a bit scared of bigger dogs.

My friend needed to re home her 10 month old GSD due to her husband leaving and relocating to a smaller house.

We have the room and I said we would give her a home if our dog could tolerate her and my friend was over the moon as she has had to give away 2 of her other dogs, her cats and her 2 horses and this way she could still have contact with this particular dog. My heart breaks for her it really does.

Anyway, back to the topic in hand. The dog came to us yesterday afternoon and since then my dog has been scared witless and keeps barking at her. The other dog is obviously used to being around other dogs and at first ignored my dog, just sniffed her and moved on. However I think my dogs behaviour is starting to wind the new dog up as now she is starting to chase my dog and fight. I think they may end up hurting each other.

At the moment they are separated. Is there anyway to rescue this situation or have I got to tell my friend I cannot re home her dog after all?

grubbywitch Wed 08-Jul-09 15:57:46

Bumping. Desperate for advice

bella21 Wed 08-Jul-09 16:38:20

Do you know enough about dogs to be able to tell whether it is serious fighting or just jostling for position in the house? More likely to be the latter, and you can't expect them to be friends from the outset, but hard for me to say without seeing them.

bella21 Wed 08-Jul-09 16:45:00

Basically you have made your beagle's worst nightmare come true: a big dog has come into her home and is now chasing her. You will have to supervise them and allow the beagle to slowly get to know the GSD, otherwise the beagle may well bite out of fear. I think I would too!

That said, if the beagle gave the GSD a quick nip to say 'back off' then the GSD may well do just that, especially as it is younger, but your beagle may not come to terms with having a big dog living with you.

spugs Wed 08-Jul-09 17:17:48

Would it not be better to get them used to each other on neutral territory over a few days, giving the beagle lots of treats etc so she associates good things with the gsd. Can the gsd not stay with your friend whilst they have a slower introduction?

grubbywitch Wed 08-Jul-09 20:05:48

Thanks for all your advice. Its helped to make things clearer.

In hindsight I think we should have introduced them first and I now realise now the foolishness of not doing this. However I think its too late to take a step backwards and try this now.

Its true to say this is my dogs worst nightmare, I only have to look at the poor little thing to realise this. She is in her bed and is very reluctant to leave it.
I have brought them a bed to share, which is where the GSD is now, but as I do think this is a territory issue and I'm hoping they are just jostling for position I've left my beagles original bed for her to sleep in, as she seems to feel safe there.

I'm hoping that with a few more days of close supervision the situation will improve. The GSD is absolutely lovely and I will be very sad to rehome her, but if my beagle cannot live with her then I will have to.

spugs Wed 08-Jul-09 22:53:20

I'd keep them with separate beds and initially in different rooms till the beagle settles. Try taking them for a walk together (two different handlers) so there in neutral territory and can check each other out but then keep them separate in the house and introduce them for very short periods of time. I hope it works out.

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