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Do retired greyhounds make good family pets?

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Mumsaysno Wed 08-Jul-09 14:58:25

We are thinking about getting our first ever dog. Have two dds (10 and 5) and are thinking about adopting a retired greyhound. Have read a lot on the internet and they seem like very gentle dogs and very tolerant with children.

Does anyone have any experience of adopting a greyhound? Do they make good family pets? Would you recommend them for first time dog owners?


siblingrivalry Wed 08-Jul-09 15:57:21

Hi. We got our greyhound in February. She is semi-retired (ie dh thinks she can still race one day hmm) but in reality she just wants to laze round all day.
I think it is an ideal dog for first time dog owners -she likes two decent walks a day, her food and lots of cuddles. The rest of the time, she snuggles up on her bed and sleeps!

She is great with my dds, too. Dh says that any other dog would be sick of dd2's 'enthusiastic' cuddles by now and would have warned her off -but out dog just puts up with it and doesn't flinch. However, she is often seen walking in the opposite direction to dd2 when she sees her approaching grin

So, they are ideal dogs to have around children and are so grateful for a bit of comfort and affection -they don't have this while they are racing dogs.Good luck.

Mumsaysno Wed 08-Jul-09 16:03:57

Thanks for that siblingrivalry was it an easy process adopting the greyhound? Did she adapt into your home well?

We are nervous as we have never owned a dog before. Did you have to train your greyhound? How old was she when you got her?

Sorry to be asking so many questions.

LilRedWG Wed 08-Jul-09 16:08:14

I think they are amazing. I worked at a racing track whilst at uni and it is sad that they are often put out to pasture (or worse ) at such a young age.

My parents had a retired greyhound and she was loving and gentle, but protective of us all when out and about. The ideal dog for a family. I agree with sibling that they do love a run/walk but also like to sleep lots and have lots of cuddles. We used to take ours to the park and let her off the lead to have a good run - she was so fast.

KingCanuteIAm Wed 08-Jul-09 16:08:57

Go to a good rehoming charity, ask lots and lots of questions and meet your dog in as many situations as you can first.

Some Greyhounds can be small furry aggressive (cats, rabbits etc), some find the transition to family life from working life too difficult and others make some of the best family dogs I have ever met. It is worth doing the research and spending the time to make sure you have the best dog for your family.

I would say, as a first time owner, a well trained greyhound could be just the thing, they tend to be laid back and tolerant. A good rehoming place will answer endless questions and put you at ease with your decision to have a dog (or highlight any obvious problems you have missed). smile

LilRedWG Wed 08-Jul-09 16:09:59

When we got ours she used to really wolf her food down, as she was used to having to compete with other dogs in the kennels for food. Plus she couldn't go up or down steps or stairs, as she'd never had to before.

She was very obedient though and soon got the hang of being a pet rather than a working dog.

siblingrivalry Wed 08-Jul-09 19:51:35

I agree, see your dog in her usual setting and in your home first. Retired Greyhound Trust will give you loads of advice.

We got her when she was just 4, but had been injured. Like lilred, she took a while to stop wolfing her food down and she still can't go up and down stairs - but we haven't encouraged her too wink

We trained her to wait patiently for her food, but sdhe was pretty much house trained. She has peed on the floor twice, but that's it. She is nervous of strangers, but most greyhounds are quite timid and anxious.

Although my husband has had greyhounds before, this is my first dog and she settled in very quickly and easily. Sometimes I forget she is there blush

cashmeresox Tue 04-Aug-09 08:39:50

Greyhounds make fantastic family pets. While some can have a few problems learning to be pets on the whole they are dead easy. Very undemanding, loyal, gentle and beautiful. I had my last grey for 12 or 13 years and he was never a moment's bother. The arrival of the DC's didn't bother him. They are cleverer than some people say but don't expect them to be into high level training...We would have had another one this time but my DH wanted something more 'active'! Most greyhounds are exceptionally lazy. Now we have a trailhound, also rehomed and she is gorgeous too. Very similar temperament and demands to a greyhound but looks like a foxhound. She is beautifulgrin. Hope you find the right dog soon smile

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