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Guinea pig mites?

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Jumente Fri 03-Jul-09 12:52:31


We have two piggies and one of them seems to have something up - she started scratching a lot a few weeks ago, vet said mites, gave her injection a fortnight back.

It's no better, she has big bald patches under her fur, and is bleeding sad

It's horrid. I've removed hay and put them in a different hutch with just sawdust. Taking her for second injection this afternoon - is it going to work? I'm worried for her.
The other one seems Ok so far but sometimes scratches or jumps a bit.

Thanks for any advice - have to post and run but back later x

beautifulgirls Mon 06-Jul-09 22:09:06

They usually need a course of at least 3 injections in my experience if this is mites - definately take her back for the follow up. Also ensure she has a good intake of vitamin C. Worth getting some supplement tablets (can dissolve in water) for her.

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