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Any advice on how to stop my dog barking when in the garden please.

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auntypurple Sun 28-Jun-09 15:53:56

I have a 9 month old GSD. Love him to bits but he is being a pita at the moment. Used to be great when I let him in the garden, but next doors boys started teasing him and now he will go out and start barking at the fence straight away. This was resolved when next door got rid of the trampoline and the boys wern't out as much. But now they have a dog a lovely little staffie, she dosen't bark when my dog goes out, but he is straight up the fence barking and is driving me nuts.

I never just leave the dog outside for hours, I open the back door, he does his stuff and comes back in again. Trouble is the staffie is tied up in next doors garden for hours at a time, so I am guessing my dog can smell her and barks, or he will jump up on the fence to have a peek first to see if she is there, then bark. He first noticed her when she stuck her head under the fence.

What can I do? As soon as he starts barking, I bring him in. When he is out on a walk, on or off the lead he takes no notice of other dogs. Sorry for long post, but have really had enough of it today. Hope someone can help.

Alambil Sun 28-Jun-09 20:07:58

throw a cigar tin of nuts and bolts at him (make sure it's near but you miss!) with a hefty NO each time - he'll soon stop

auntypurple Sun 28-Jun-09 20:57:09

Ahh thanks Lewis, never thought of that. Have some metal training disc things that might work, tho not sure if they are loud enough, but will do for a start while I get hold of a tin. Thanks again

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