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vet thinks my cat has hip dysplasia does anyone know anything about this?

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kittycatty Sun 28-Jun-09 15:18:09

She started limping and crying out, laid down for few seconds and then was fine.

This has happened 4/5 times this month.

She can run, jump, climb trees. It just happens for no reason.

beautifulgirls Sun 28-Jun-09 20:44:57

How old is she? What has made them think that? It would need x-rays to determine what is happening with her hips. There are many reasons for cats to be lame, hips being just one factor. Back pain could also account for similar symptoms to those seen with hip pain.

kittycatty Sun 28-Jun-09 21:56:16

shes just gone 2yrs old. We think she jumped off the top of garden shed, she started crying out and limping. She laid at my feet and after a few seconds got up and was fine.

Few days later she started the limping and crying out again she laid down and was fine. shes running round and jumping ok the rest of the time.

It makes me think shes got cramp. Vet said she needs an x-ray but as money is very tight we just cant afford it at the moment.

beautifulgirls Sun 28-Jun-09 22:43:33

I would be suspicious from what you said that she may have fractured her hip. Can you talk to the vet about if they have any payment options to help you. If it is broken she will need surgery. It may also be worth contacting some pet charities to see if any of them can help you financially with this at all too.

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