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Had to put Cat to sleep

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hf128219 Thu 25-Jun-09 15:51:18

We had our dear old cat put to sleep last night. We took him in as a stray ten years so we think he was about 16. He was a loyal and dear friend and coming home from work today and not seeing him was very sad sad

We buried him in a sunny spot in our garden.

ClaireDeLoon Thu 25-Jun-09 15:56:06

I'm very sorry

girlywhirly Thu 25-Jun-09 16:47:40

Very sorry for you. I know what it's like.

brightwell Thu 25-Jun-09 21:36:46

It's a hard decision to make but it's a kind one.

OhYouBadBadKitten Thu 25-Jun-09 21:41:49

I'm sorry. You must really miss him.

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 25-Jun-09 21:42:47

{sad] sorry - I dread the day that ours die.

hf128219 Thu 25-Jun-09 21:45:39

Thanks guys. I have dug out some old photos of him and put them on the mantlepiece. He was just a dear old boy.

catless Fri 26-Jun-09 14:24:10

Sorry HF. My feline friend of over 17 years, Charlie, died last October - I was devestated. Like you, coming home from work was very sad - as was not having a furry friend to feed in the morning. I lasted about 3 months (during which time I even thought of selling the house because I missed him so much) then went to the shelter to pick up little old female cat that I've renamed Sophie. She's not without her problems - had an operation already - but worth every penny of her vets bills.

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