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My cat is strange

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TwoAngels Sat 14-May-05 08:23:00

does anyone else have a cat who sounds like it's talking when it's crying for something..... angel (me cat) does this alot, she sounds like she's saying mum or hiya sometimes honest am not a loon but I have been brought up with cats and never in my life have I heard a cat sound so perculiar (sp?) she also pretends that she has some thing wrong with her when she isn't getting attention, she does this really weird walking with her belly right on the floor and bum in the air like someone has hurt her back but she is such a wee faker coz when she does it and I start playing she starts jumping round like a normal cat......

Does anyone else experience this sorta thing with their cat????

almostanangel Sat 14-May-05 08:26:35

is she a breed of cat or a heinz varity?

bubbaloo Sat 14-May-05 15:10:02

ive got cats and always had cats and this does sound a little strange.
has she been spade?
when cats are in season(which is this time of year),they do exactly that with their tummy on the floor and bum in the air.they also "howl" in a funny sort of way so that might be the strange talking noise you mentioned!
hope this helps and i'd get her spade asap otherwise you'll end up with loads of talking cats!!!

tiffini Sat 14-May-05 15:51:11

i used to have a cat that sounded like it was talking, it would do it to other cats and scare the living s""t out of them. He also used to knock on the front door when he wanted to come in.
very funny

TwoAngels Sat 14-May-05 15:59:51

Bubbaloo aye omggggg that must be it no she hasn't been done yet she's only a wee baby well not really shes six month, but she is to me lol no wonder all the boy cats have started trying to come in the house have had to start keeping the kitchen window closed too.....

shudda known I guess but my folks always got their cats done straight away so have never seen it before.

TwoAngels Sat 14-May-05 16:02:25

Tiffini awwwww I love cats some of their personalitys make me giggle

Almostanangel not sure hun what breed she is?? shes toutoise shell not sure if thats a breed lol

bubbaloo Sat 14-May-05 16:56:38

thought so!!
female cats can't be spade until they are 6 months old anyway so now seems a good time seeing she's at that age.
also if she's a bit of a loon this will help calm her down and it will also stop her disappearing.most female cats(before they are spade)will go out(if you let them out)looking for a mate and might not came back for 3 or 4 days which will drive you mad with worry.they don't do this once they've been done
tiffini-LOL at your clever cat

TwoAngels Sat 14-May-05 19:07:25

ahhhh wee horrors lol

she is my little darling bless her

I have just started letting her out but she only steps out into the garden with a lot of encouragement that is.....

Along with DD's she is also a mummys girl and doesn't like going to far without me but from the sounds of it soon she will be off and tramping around with the local toms after her hahahaha

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 14-May-05 19:16:48

My mum and dads cat Willow talks and it's quite common in that breed.

She is a devonshire rex.

You can sit and repeatedly say hiya or hello and she will mieow back and it sounds just like hiya or hello.

In the night there is a cat that sits and stares into the window and Willow will stare back and talk to it.

Very strange.

TwoAngels Sat 14-May-05 19:39:33


swiperfox Sat 14-May-05 21:19:17

It could be 'calling' its what cats do when they are looknig for a Tom. Apparently they are meant to stop when they've been spayed but ours do it and my mums cat does it. It sound s like a baby crying and loads of times i've gone up to ds thinking it was him!!

TwoAngels Sat 14-May-05 22:17:28

aye swiperfox it really does I have done this a number of times also or thought one of them had woke up and put the TV on mute..... just never heard of it before

emmamama Mon 16-May-05 18:49:46


TwoAngels Tue 17-May-05 14:05:41

hoooo's harold???

emmamama Wed 18-May-05 14:57:19

No idea, one of my cats shouts for him all the time.

TwoAngels Wed 18-May-05 15:17:46

hahahahaha emma awwww

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