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Cat weeing (not spraying) and I have no idea how to stop it!

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kayjayel Fri 19-Jun-09 15:21:45

I'm getting to the end of my tether with the cat, and I want to know I've tried everything to stop this. He is a very nervy cat, but was fairly settled with us until the birth of DS (4 yrs ago). This obviously traumatised him. He throws up at least once a week, and often wees on something. The something is usually a child thing - the car seat, the pushchair (4 times), any kids clothing left around, sofa, beds, cots. Its not a spray, its a full on puddle.

Suggestions so far have been being better at tidying up after kids' things blush, covering pushchair/cot, trying one of those calming plug in things, changing his food. None have worked. I now have to go scrub the pushchair AGAIN, and it takes days to dry, and always smells (so embarrassing). The house is starting to stink. Someone suggested finding him a cat-only space of his own, where he was safe, but with a 4 and 1 yr old in a small house this is just impossible, especially as he is so shy he basically stays out of any room with people in it.

People keep suggesting we re-home him and I've always felt this was awful, but today my dad suggested that he might need a home which upset him less, i.e. with no kids. I feel so sorry for him sad.

Can anyone give me any other suggestions, or stories where cats have successfully been re-homed? I feel awful just contemplating this.

Joolsiam Fri 19-Jun-09 15:35:53

I have had major problems with one of my cats and peeing everywhere - was at the end of my tether having tried everything, then went to the vets for one last check.

After blood tests, she diagnosed Cystitis - nervous cats are prone to get bladder problems. With a few hiccups on the way, we've treated the problem with steriods and antibiotics. It will recur if it is down to nerves, but the bladder can be strengthened by sprinkling glucosamine powder on their food every day.

If it is this, she may associate a litter tray or toileting outside with pain, and go on something soft instead

It may also be a jealousy thing - I've had friends that had to rehome cats because they started weeing when she was PG

1 - Vet check
2 - Try a course of Zylkene tablets (from here They help to destress and really do work - I've tried them to sort out my two cats who hate each other and achieved a truce with that and Feliway
3 - Consider having a litter tray if you don't already - put it in a quiet corner away from the little ones and use Cat Attract litter that you can get here - it really amazed me when I tried it - immediate interest from the cat and much more consistent use of the litter tray, breaking the floor / duvet / sofa habit she had. Its not desperately cheap, but should break bad habits, then you can start diluting it with cheap litter.
4 - Make sure the cat has places to go where she can observe from up high - a bed on a shelf / a tall scratching post perhaps. This will make her feel safer.

5 - A great urine odour remover that I use - you can dilute into a spray bottle and it lasts ages is sold here

If all else fails, a good site for getting genuinely good homes is Cat Planet

Good luck

kayjayel Fri 19-Jun-09 15:52:32

That is the best most helpful post I've ever read!! thankyou! I'll work my way through the list. We have a litter tray, but I think he's picky with it, sometimes can't get to it, and sometimes doesn't like to go if its full. And I'll try the tablets, though the price is a bit shock
Thanks a million, at least I've got stuff to try now smile

Joolsiam Fri 19-Jun-09 15:56:50

If you have a litter tray already, I can't recommend that Cat Attract litter highly enough I was sceptical, but at my wits end and was absolutely amazed when it worked

One of mine will go on the floor if she deems the litter tray too dirty, so I make sure I leave a spare out if I am going to be out for a while. It might be worth trying a different shape / size of tray aswell as perhaps finding a better location - I did have a covered tray, which I preferred but the cats didn't !!

Glad to help as I've been in such a similar situation

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