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Anybody here got a Bengal cat?

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WildSeahorses Tue 16-Jun-09 13:57:48

DH and I are on the hunt for a kitten/kittens smile.

I'm very keen on Bengals, but wanted to ask what other people's experience of them is.

In particular, are they happy to be left during the day while we're out at work? All the breeders that I've spoken to have said that that's not a problem, but obv they have a vested interest in the matter! Has anyone had any problems leaving them during the daytime?

duke748 Tue 16-Jun-09 20:44:35


I have a boy and girl Bengal from the same litter, they are 9 years old now and I've had them since they were kittens.

I have worked full time since I had them and they are fine. I don't think the breed makes that much of a difference to how they are when left alone.

My babies are both gorgeous and very friendly. The one thing to be aware of is that they are quite vocal. When they were kittens I kind of encouraged the 'talking' but now wish I hadn't as they are an awful lot louder now!

Look on youtube for bengal talking and you will see loads of videos which will let you hear the noise I am talking about.

If they would be alone for a bit, its worth considering two kitties, they will keep each other amused. And its great to see them play together.

A few things that are different with Bengals -

They have a stage called 'fuzzy uglies' which mean that their lovely spotty coat is masked by fuzzy hair when they are babies. Look at the marking on the top of their head to see what they would look like later and to indetify them from their littermates.

Also, they need more anthetetic when at the vets. A good vet should know this, but its worth reminding them.

Finally, they develop a little bit slower than other breeds, so do not take them from their mother before 12 weeks old.

They are lovely cats and I'm sure you love them.


WildSeahorses Wed 17-Jun-09 10:41:17

Thanks Duke! That's really helpful. They're beautiful cats, aren't they. I'm very much looking forward to bringing home the kittens when we've picked them.

RNW Mon 22-Jun-09 00:31:03

I've got 2 Bengals cats. They are fantastic, just like little dogs really. They thrive on company and one of them spends half her life on the street outside accosting random strangers for a fuss! The neighbours all know one of them as she spends her whole life going into their houses! If you are at work all day then I'm sure they will go out and about finding their own entertainment! Before I had my daughter I used to work full time and they were fine by themselves.
They are very sociable, and without a doubt you would need 2 if you were at work all day. They are exceptionally clever, very affectionate, but also very demanding. I have got a toddler, and from day one, they have been wonderful with her-wherever she is, they are.
They love water-they spend hours sitting playing near the bath, by the taps or next to the neighbour's pond!
They are brilliant, but as I say, exceptionally demanding. They appear to be more high maintenance in terms of their need for affection and time than normal cats. If you have loads of time to devote to them in the evenings and at weekends, then they are definitely the best cats to have.

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