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How long should Frontline/Program take to get rid of an infestation?

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BionicleBill Mon 15-Jun-09 20:50:09

Our cat missed her treatments for a few months last year when we were moving house.

I restarted her with Frontline last October, she continued having fleas, so I changed to Frontline combo in about February...still fleas which I presume were from eggs in the carpet etc. So started giving program in March to stop them laying more eggs, while continuing with the frontline combo.

I did not treat the house but do hoover regularly, it's not a pit grin

She still has her fur standing up in damp peaks some days and is leaving what look like eggs and dirt around - whether these eggs are fertile or not I have no idea. There seems to be less of a mess where she sleeps now, but it hasn't gone.

But surely these products together ought to be working by now?

I'm really puzzled.

Lovesdogsandcats Mon 15-Jun-09 23:30:29

It can take up to a year.

The fleas that land on the dog/cat, will die due to the Frontline.
But unhatched eggs and larvae, will go on living in bedding/carpets until either:
They hatch, then jump on animal and then die
get hoovered up/blasted with a household flea spray then die.

So, really these products do work, but you need to break the cycle. I would hoover each room taking care to do skirtings and corners and places pet sleeps. Then, if you cannot bear to see the cycle out, get a good household spray (from vet) and do all over the floors with it.

Eventually, if you keep up with the frontline, this will stop.
The only way to tell if the eggs are fertile is to scoop some into a glass, cover the top, then wait, checking each day. if they are fertile they will turn to a greyish, larva that need good eyesight for this, but if you can see the eggs you should see the larvae.

Olihan Mon 15-Jun-09 23:33:22

WE had a real flea problem when we firsy moved house and nothing worked until I used a home flea killer from the vets on all the carpets, beds, sofas, etc. It cost a fortune and was a complete PITA but it did the trick and the little blighters are gone.

BionicleBill Tue 16-Jun-09 08:20:38

Thankyou both, that's great advice - I'm reluctant to do a complete house spray as i have a toddler, and it's expensive and hard to organise - the cat is not scratching as much as she was, so hopefully this is just the remaining odd egg here and there hatching and hopping onto her. We are not seeing them any more or being bitten (which happened once or twice before) so will probably just wait it out. I will be trying the egg experiment! Thankyou.

spugs Wed 17-Jun-09 14:41:25

weve recently had fleas on the puppy so ive used front line and used a powder from pets at home on the carpets, sprayed sofa etc. The dog no longer has fleas but im sure there still be some lopping around the house! My plan is to keep using frontline religiously grin and treat the house regularly until all the little buggers are dead. I hate fleas!!!

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