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Terrapins? Help needed please!

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GypsyMoth Mon 15-Jun-09 18:36:16

I have a neighbour...... Have ongoing problems with her and her dog. She keeps it locked in, then goes to work and leaves it. It barks constantly and is never walked. Dog warden, env health and RSPCA have all been informed and are 'working with her' this us ongoing as she won't take their advice.

So, at the weekend, ball went over the fence. Kids saw what look like 2 terrapins in an old bath. I had a quick look. They are big! Friend said they had red on their heads so she thought they were terrapins. Wire is on top of the bath, which moves with them. They can't get out easily, and if they do, the ground is covered in her dogs poo.

Should I report or is this ok? I have noises, but this woman works with horses so I hope is doing right thing with them. I have no idea! My girls are worried for the animals. ( I always thoughtthey needed warmth and it's a thunderstorm outside) anyone know?

GypsyMoth Mon 15-Jun-09 18:38:19

'noises' I mean concerns, sorry was distracted!

WriggleJiggle Tue 16-Jun-09 00:23:48

Our terrapin was a red eared terrapin (because it has a great big red stripe on its head). In the summer ours lived in a pond in the garden, in the winter it lived in a huge plastic box! The occasional cooler day will not be a problem. In fact, it is not unusual for large parks with duck ponds to also have terrapins living in there. They do enjoy being able to get out of the water to sunbathe.

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