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My cats fur smells of he stinks!

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mumof2monsters Fri 12-Jun-09 15:06:27

My cat is nearly 3 and is a healthy clean cat who likes nothing more than curling up on your lap.
This morning when I went into the kitchen he came to greet me and I smelt cat wee.
I have just got in from work and he is curled up on the sofa but he does really stink of cat wee.
I do not want to attempt to bath him. Is there anything I can use or do to get rid of the smell.

diedandgonetodevon Fri 12-Jun-09 15:19:13

If it's that bad, you really need to bath the beast cat. I'd recommend a thick pair of gardening gloves and get stuck in. If it's anything like my cat it'll put up with it after a few minutes of fierce fighting!
Then wrap in a warm towel and give chicken to soothe the dented pride.

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