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Could anyone with more experience of dgos than me (so pretty much anyone lol) come and talk to me about dogs and bee/wasps/stinging things

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TrinityRhino Fri 12-Jun-09 08:10:04

duke was chasing bees this morning
should I make sure he doesn;t
he was trying to chew one that he appeared to have managed to hurt so it was just lkying on the floor
I stopped him and put it in the hedge
I mean can he get stung and is it a big problem
will he learn
do all dogs do this?

<worried novice dog owner>

BennyAndJoon Fri 12-Jun-09 08:37:30

I am not sure about dogs but years ago my cat seemed to be immune to stings and ate loads of bees and wasps.

I would say he will be fine, and will learn not to do it if he gets stung. smile

<<have you taken your meds today and brushed your teeth - nag wink>>

diedandgonetodevon Fri 12-Jun-09 08:42:16

It's a normal dog thing, don't worry.

He'll be fine if he gets stung. If he manages to get stung in the mouth an aspirin (unsual human ones) will sort him out. There won't be the same swelling problems in the mouth that we would get if we decided a wasp was a tasty snack!

diedandgonetodevon Fri 12-Jun-09 08:43:24

That should say usual not unsual!

Curiousmama Fri 12-Jun-09 08:54:54

My dog got stung last year after chewing a wasp and his face swelled on one side but he was ok once it went down. I think you'd need to worry if it was his/her tongue though but otherwise you can't do much. He still tries to eat them hmm

TrinityRhino Fri 12-Jun-09 09:07:39

thanks everyone
I am really hopeless at this smile

Curiousmama Fri 12-Jun-09 09:09:58

You'll be no more hopeless than me I was convinced he'd die gasping for air with his tongue sticking out to one side. Luckily I had someone normal calm with me to sort me out grin

PortAndLemon Fri 12-Jun-09 09:18:18

My parents' dog ate bees/wasps (I was never inclined to get close enough to find out which) all the time and never seemed to get stung.

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 12-Jun-09 11:49:28

yes they can get stung, and yes it was a big problem

i had this 2weeks ago sad

will he learn -hmm not sure, unfortunally our monster puppy is a bit thick grin

its on colin the catfish (amongst other talk) grin

our rather large (10.5stone) great swiss mountian dog puppy got stung by a bee

the nest was being removed that day, and he came in from garden, not looking right and looking a bit mournful

10mins later face had really swelled up

i rang vet,and they said bring him in, but i couldnt get him in the car as he didnt like it (but now has been trained by granny and cheese)

it was was awful, his face swelled up, his eyes shut and breathing was getting shallow where he couldnt breathe through throat closing

i had visions of doggy dying sad

i rang vet again in tears to say we wouldnt be over, and he said to give piraton - he had 20mls and then another 20mls 4hrs later

thankfully this started to work, and after30mns eyes began to open a bit though took a few days for face to be back to normal

monkeybumsmum Mon 15-Jun-09 18:09:47

Dogs will be dogs and they do have a tendancy to chase stinging things hmm I don't think there's all that much you can do about it, but keep an eye on him just in case he gets stung and has a reaction.

We learnt the hard way that we have to keep one of our dogs away from bees/wasps - she tried to eat one and was stung on the chin in the process. Minutes later she started to swell up everywhere, even her hair follicles, and her eyes were swollen shut. It was terrifying. Cue a mad panic to find the nearest vets as we were on holiday in France, and a very scary dash along tiny country roads... It turned out fine thank goodness, but we have to make sure we have steroid tablets to give her immediately in the event it happens again.

She is a boxer, and I think they might be more prone to allergies than maybe some other breeds are. We should have guessed what her reaction to bee's would be when we found out that she's allergic to humans shock Oh, and mould hmm

Good luck!

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