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Dwarf hamster novice - any experts out there?

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LovelyDear Mon 08-Jun-09 22:25:37

we have today bought two young dwarf hamsters, having had (single) syrians in the past. One of them is very confident, has started exploring and is right now very active, trotting about, using the wheel etc. he's a round shape, really beautiful. The other, his brother i believe, has just stayed in one corner since we came home, eyes wide open, staring at me in horror. on the single occasion he's walked around he's a longer, thinner shape and his central dark line down his back does not run symmetrically down his length. I've held him and he's been able to run around me, climb on my shoulders etc, behaved as other hamsters have. So. is is likely that the other is just dominant? or (as i'm fearing) is the quiet one in some way a less robust specimen?

I realise i could take it back to the shop but...i'm kind of already in love with them. just don't want a sad hammy.

LovelyDear Mon 08-Jun-09 22:39:24

Also, if they squeak does that mean they are nervous?

ingles2 Mon 08-Jun-09 22:42:47

Well I'm not a hamster expert but I've got 2! grin
The chances are they look different because they are different breeds of dwarf hammie... they could be campbells, or winter whites or roborovskis.
My 2 have very different personalities, one is a winter white, she is quite shy, very fast, loves her wheel, my other is a russian, much more sociable, likes to be hand fed, loves my dog!!!
Now for the not so good news... I have 2 females, I bought them together but it didn't take long for them to start fighting!
Seriously fighting, with blood and everything.
They no longer live together. I bought them from Pets at home and complained as there was nothing in their literature or by the salesperson to suggest they would attempt to kill each other. They gave me a free cage.
There is a chance this will happen with your 2 males when they reach sexual maturity, so be prepared.

LovelyDear Mon 08-Jun-09 22:44:50

hmm thank you. the shop man warned me about that risk - we have two cages and a few empty fish tanks too so i shall be prepared to split them. i think mine are the same breed - in theory siblings, though he may have been mistaken - but i just wonder if one is a bit of a runt, as it were?

bruffin Mon 08-Jun-09 22:53:04

Roborovskis don't have a dorsal stripe down their back. Theoretically they are supposed to live together, but we had 2 sisters who were fine for 9 months then one started attacking the other and badly bit her bottom. We had to seperate them.

LovelyDear Mon 08-Jun-09 23:09:06

after a bit of googling i think that ours are actually chinese dwarves. longer tailed, ENORMOUS testicles and sweet natures. ahhh.

LovelyDear Mon 08-Jun-09 23:17:40

they are impossibly cute. i looked up just then to find them both sitting in the food bowl, tucking in. hurrah!

bruffin Mon 08-Jun-09 23:31:53

They sound really sweet

I really miss my little robos, they were so little and very cute. Just add some pics of them to my profile.
Everytime I go to the pet shop I get tempted.

LovelyDear Mon 08-Jun-09 23:34:31

oh your pics are gorgeous! i'm so loving these little things. i'm not a very pettish person but for some reason i'm smitten by these.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 10-Jun-09 13:29:56

aww bless them - sound so cute

be prepared for them to fight and then seperate

squeaking is normally fear/scared/nervous so handy them lots with firm stroking on palm of hand to get them used to you

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