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Betamox antib's and week old kitten

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PurpleOne Fri 05-Jun-09 01:27:17

Seems like tail less DaveCat has an infection. He was born last Weds and mummy LunaghCat got a wee bit cannibalistic. We already lost the firstborn owing to her chewing its tail and front paw off.
Dave just lost his tail. LunaghCat moved them to under DD2s bed 3 days ago, so couldnt wash his tail/stump and he now has infection.
Weeks worth of Betamox with syringe.

LunaghCat is NOT happy seeing Dave on my lap and things shoved into his mouth.

Vet also weighed him and at 220grams, and said he is underweight.
Whats the average weight of a 1 week old kitten for one?
And will the Betamox be ok on such a young baby?

bella39 Fri 05-Jun-09 09:09:54

Hi PO.

Kitten weight will vary from kitten to kitten in a litter, and also according to the size/breed of the parents, so I suspect what your vet was going on was the kitten's appearance, i.e. how 'skinny' he looks, and taking note of his weight so he could monitor how well he puts weight on in future.

Some kittens are born small and stay small.

I don't know the licencing details of Betamox but if your vet prescribed it, I would be happy that it was okay for him.

I also think the potential danger of an untreated infection in a tiny kitten is much greater than any from antibiotics.

No, mum probalby won't enjoy seeing you do it but you are doing the best for him.

Good luck wink

PurpleOne Sat 06-Jun-09 03:17:55

Cheers Bella.

Really hard doing all of this as have to first try and rake him out from under the bed. His incessant mewing obv makes LunaghCat alert to my actions.
Then she watches DaveCat on my lap while she is sitting no less that 2 feet away and growling.
And seeing her son with pink antib lipstick on!!
LCat tried to move them back into my room this morning, but the interfering kids saw to it that she didn't.
AFAIcan see, kittie are starting to open their eyes.

Really hard work gving this wee kitten a chance in life. Just wanted reassrance that he will be ok I guess.

bella39 Sat 06-Jun-09 08:51:37

You're doing brilliantly, PO wink No-one could do more for him than you are.

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