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How to apply cream without being threatened............

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midlandsmumof4 Fri 05-Jun-09 00:52:35

by a Rottweiler sad. Zeus is lovely, well behaved & usually good tempered. However, he is prone to 'hotspots' (wet dermatitis). He has one near his tail at the moment and its obviously very sore & itchy and our other Rotty (Zak) makes it worse by licking the wound as Zeus can't reach it. We have to apply a gel twice a day. However,if we try to approach the wound we get a VERY definite 'NO' sad. We have managed to apply a bit by surreptitiously stroking him & feeding treats. Any advice regarding this would be really helpful. We'll probably have to muzzle Zeus so that we can apply the cream but how to stop Zak from licking it off when we aren't there.

bella39 Fri 05-Jun-09 09:13:35

Ooh, crikey - good luck wink

No, seriously, it sounds like you have it sorted re handling Zeus and muzzling if need be. Re Zak, can you ask your vet if there's a critical period the cream has to be on for? If it's say 2-3 hours maybe you could separate them for that time?

Otherwise does Zak do 'leave it' and could he be taught to accept treats rather than licking Zeus? Not easy, I know...

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