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How to keep fecking cat out of my house.

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skramble Tue 02-Jun-09 23:58:53

I keep getting neighbours cat in my house, was sitting last night and heard noises, thought it was next door and turned round to see cat going under the settee, don't know how long it was in as in this weather back door open most of the day.

Went away for 3 days and came back to cat inthe house, it shat on the back door mat and peed in my clothes in the laundry basket. Door was only open while I was loading up the car.

Quite apart from it shitting in my garden, what can I do

BonzoDoodah Wed 03-Jun-09 11:35:38

Oh god - nightmare!
Get a waterpistol and squirt it loads every time you see it? IN the garden, onthe fence, near your house ... in your house .. cats hate water and it'll get the message that you mean nasty.
I take it that it's getting in through the door rather than your own cat flap (in which case you go for locking cat flaps etc). Good luck.

skramble Thu 04-Jun-09 23:29:04

Yep just walks through the door when it is open. Woman next door that owns the cat had the cheek to warn me not to leave my door open because the mice might come in hmm, she did have a mouse in her house despite having two cats, they must be facking useless.

I put nets over all my flower beds due to cats shitting in them whem newly dug, fecking cat shoved it to the side and did a king size one, fecking cat.

Just had an idea I might put net across door mat to put cat off walking over it, think it will jump though, why does it like my house, never have food left out or anything interesting.

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