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Puppy walking!

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mum2seb Mon 01-Jun-09 21:32:45

So, the latest thing with my pup is NOT walking!! He sits down and refuses to move, and will only go if you bribe him! Have I slipped into his trap, and he's now figured that it's a good way to get treats (I'll only give him a titbit when he's actually moving blush )? Funnily enough, he seems happier if he's with me, dh and ds1 and 2 (likes being with his gang?!!). Any ideas on how to get him moving? Or am I actually doing the right thing (I think not, but I'd be happily wrong grin)?
That said, I'm LOVING every minute of him, and am seriously considering rehoming ds1 and 2 after the sun lotion incident all over the living room floor!!!!angry Pup came out to get me - he KNEW they were doing wrong!!! That's how extremely clever my 15 week old puppy is, you know (I heart my Lakey!!!!!).

bella39 Tue 02-Jun-09 19:53:39

Lots of very excited, silly voiced encouragement. No, really.

Come on, Fido! This way, Fido! With me, Fido!

And try to space out your treats, or at least hold on to them for a bit before dispensing into pup's mouth.

Does this help? Probably not...

mum2seb Wed 03-Jun-09 22:46:46

Yes it does help!! Thankyou - sorry, I was reading smutty threads and got distracted (I'm really liking 'Pets' btw - VERY educational.... wink)

bella39 Thu 04-Jun-09 08:44:12

Yes, I have learned a lot too. Not much of it about animals but hey....grin

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