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OK, so I know I've had dogs in the past, but bear with me on this please

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Saltire Mon 01-Jun-09 18:35:18

hmm. I keep thinking that the dog (1 year old Border Collie) is running in a funny way.
A couple of months ago he was set upon by a dalmatian, when the other dog got up, my dog was carrying his back left leg out to the side slightly. Then he appeared to walk fine on it.
Then yesterday we had him and he stopped to wee by a load of nettles, after he stopped he ahd his leg out to the side - I would say it was almost at a 45 degree angle to the body, but no yelping whinign or anything. i gave it a quick rub and he was fine.

Now, here's the bit where I think I'm being daft. Since the dalmatian attack I've noticed when he runs really fast, he moves both his back legs together - the front ones move ina running style (like left forward, right forward IYSWIM), but the back 2 move together, only when he runs. Now I don't know if they have always been like this and it's normal or if it's just since he got attacked. His back legs also seem very thin between the shoulder and the foot, again this could be normal he is only a year old after all. I think since he broke his front paw last year, I am paranoid about him breaking somethng

EvenBetaDad Mon 01-Jun-09 18:54:34

I suggest you go to the vet and have an x - ray.

The hip may be dislocated. There is also a genetic condition known as hip dysplasia in Border Collies (and other breeds). It normally manifests itself in dogs as they reach young adult age but not when they are young puppies.

The description you gave is similar to the description in this article.

Hip Dysplasia in Borer Collie

"I did notice she ran a little funny, her hind legs staying close together instead of striding out, and she never trotted."

Saltire Mon 01-Jun-09 19:06:00

Thanks for the link. He does trot, and the running with his legs together is only when he's going fast. If he's doing what I call cantering, then he's fine. I haven't heard any popping noises, and he doesn't lie down a lot between runs. I will get him looked at when DH comes back

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