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bella39 Sun 31-May-09 13:56:26

Just wondered how you are getting on re pups? wink

bella39 Mon 01-Jun-09 20:51:24

Stop hiding.

Your stalker friend

Bella x

bella39 Fri 05-Jun-09 10:07:42

I'm not giving up, you know.....

MarmadukeScarlet Mon 08-Jun-09 13:09:02

Sorry my lovely, was hiding avoiding pets and then was on hols for 2 weeks. We changed our holiday plans in anticipation of new arrival.

I will admit to avioding pets before I went as, I'm sure to unleash the righteous fury of those on the Moral Highground when I confess that I put the happiness and safety of my DC before my principles.

I questioned the breeder, and myself, at length and decided I could cope with a lamb docked pup from the bitch we wanted. Yes I would have prefered it left on.

I wasn't going to admit it on here tbh, but actually I've decided I do not give a damn what other people think of my decision.

I am still adamant of many things including my children's happiness/safety are of foremost importance, I/DD have waited 4 years already - I will not break my promise to her - and there are far worse sins in the world of (dubious) dog breeders than sticking an elastic band around a dogs tail when it is 2 days old.

<dons flameproof undies>

bella39 Mon 08-Jun-09 13:30:56

Good for you, sweetie - had a sneaking suspicion you had done this, and tbh I would have done the same too <dons flameproof undies in solidarity>.

And since pup was already there, already docked, it's best she goes to a very knowledgeable loving home like yours grin

I wish you, dd and pup every happiness wink

ingles2 Mon 08-Jun-09 13:34:07

Hey MDS grin
Hi Bella ....
What's going on???? you got a puppy?!?

doggiesayswoof Mon 08-Jun-09 13:34:09

I remember your thread although I didn't post. FWIW I think in your situation I would have the same priorities. A little bit of perspective is a good thing sometimes.

So when does the pup come home? smile

MarmadukeScarlet Mon 08-Jun-09 13:41:14

Thank you smile and thank you for saying you would have done the same, I really wrestled with it for a while.

Have you aged a decade whilst I was away? You don't look any older? grin

So is your pup here yet? What are you calling her? (Is it her?) I need all the details. (and some valium!)

We go to get 4th pick (there will be 5 bitches to choose from) on 20th June DD is crossing days of on a chart by her bed.

We are now stuck on names, all our 'good' names have gone to the 9 chickens!

I like thistle or teasel as it will be grey/brown and wiry haired. DD wants May (my good friends daughters name) or Sweet Pea (DD's nick name) DH wants fang hmm <rolls eyes> DS wants 'puppy'.

(DS was so cute at nextdoors yesterday playing with a pull around sausage dog - old one like I had as a girl, don't have mine anymore probably got chewed by a hound - doing 'puppy' training. lots of positive praise, he's got the idea!)

Have borrowed a small-med crate for a few months, my big one (Afghan hound sized - kept just in case) just seems too big for such a wee pup. It is set up ready with vet bed/towels in kitchen, DD saving all her money for dog toys.

MarmadukeScarlet Mon 08-Jun-09 13:45:09

Thanks doogiesays, I apreciate it.

Hello Ingles, how you doin'? Yes, getting one. From near your neck of the woods too. A BIG one, well quite big anyway.

MarmadukeScarlet Mon 08-Jun-09 13:47:44

Actually, I appreciate it - sorry just returned from hols, have done nothing more challenging than read a taverna menu for 2 weeks!

bella39 Mon 08-Jun-09 13:52:24

Yes, 10 years older, but still gorgeous - just like your good self grin These flameproof undies don't half itch though....wink

Getting my pup at end of month. V. excited grin - have pic of her at 4 weeks on my fridge door. Filling out puppy class form later today, if I remember. It is funny though - last year if I was telling anyone I was getting a lab pup it was all 'Oh, how lovely' etc., but with a Dobe people just sort of say 'Okay...' !

DD now has ambitions to be a police dog handler. V. proud mummy grin

I like Thistle & Teasle - agree Fang maybe not ideal wink Your girl is going to be mega cute.

You can always CAT me if you want - I sometimes think of joining a dedicated dog forum, especially as I am hoping to do agility with my 2 younger dogs in due course. Are you thinking of doing anything like that?

ingles2 Mon 08-Jun-09 13:58:42

How exciting... what breed?
you can come and socialize her with my cs grin
you ok though? dc's?

MarmadukeScarlet Mon 08-Jun-09 14:03:26

There is a fun agility class just close to me, DD and I have already discussed going to it. There is a serious obediance class on after puppy club at the local village hall. Will be singing up for some one to ones with the local gundog trainer, his methods seem pretty kind and positive - as have never trained a gundog thought it best to go for a specialist.

DD has already started constructing dog jumps grin I did agility and obediance (as a teen) with one of my affies (alongside showing) but he would only do it for me!

Tut tut to general judginess about dog breeds.

Tell DD from me dog handler vv good career. I used to love going to the British Transport Police open day and seeing all the dogs (an men in uniform I was in my 20's at the time).

Yes would be interested, will CAT you shortly.

bella39 Mon 08-Jun-09 14:06:37

Thanks - off out now but talk later wink

MarmadukeScarlet Mon 08-Jun-09 14:07:26

ingles, a Slovakian Roughhaired Pointer. You will lol but first saw one in a photoshoot wearing mens (handmade) shoes - I remember thinking I wonder what that is... same pic was used in Esquire last/this month

I will def be down to terrorise socialise with your CS.

We all fine, fab relaxing holiday had by all thank you very much.

And you guys?

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